Information about Bolivia

Region:The Americas
Area (sq km):1,098,581
FIPS Country Code:BL
ISO Country Code:BO
GRN Office:

Map of Bolivia

Map of Bolivia

Languages and dialects spoken in Bolivia

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Found 52 language names

Apolo [La Paz, Larecaja] [qul]

Araona [Bolivia] - ISO Language [aro]

Araona [Bolivia] - ISO Language [aro]

Ayore [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ayo]

Baure [Bolivia] - ISO Language [brg]

Canichana [Bolivia] - ISO Language [caz]

Cavinena [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cav]

Cayubaba [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cyb]

Central Aymara [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ayr]

Chacobo [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cao]

Chimane [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cas]

Chipaya [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cap]

Chiquitano [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cax]

Chiquitano [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cax]

Chiquitano [Bolivia] - ISO Language [cax]

Chiquitano: Lomerio [Bolivia] [cax]

Chiquitano: San Ignacio De Velazco [Bolivia] [cax]

Chiquitano: San Miguel [Bolivia] [cax]

Chuma [La Paz, Muneca] [qul]

Ese Ejja [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ese]

Guapore [Bolivia] - ISO Language [gyr]

Guarani, Bolivian, Western - ISO Language [gnw]

Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Ava - ISO Language [gui]

Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Izoceno [Santa Cruz] [gui]

Ignaciano [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ign]

Itonama [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ito]

Jaminawa (Brazil) [Bolivia] [yaa]

Joaquiniano [Bolivia] [brg]

Leco [Bolivia] - ISO Language [lec]

Manchinere [Bolivia] - ISO Language [mpd]

Maropa [El Beni] - ISO Language [rey]

More: Bolivia [ite]

Moseten [Bolivia] [cas]

Movima [El Beni] - ISO Language [mzp]

Nandeva: Paraguay [Bolivia] [tpj]

Quechua, Bolivia - ISO Language [quh]

Quechua, Bolivia: Potosi [Argentina, Buenos Aires] [quh]

Quechua, North Bolivian - ISO Language [qul]

Quechua: Oruro [Bolivia] [quh]

Quechua, S. Bolivian: Cochabamba [quh]

Quechua, S. Bolivian: Sucre [quh]

Quechua, South Bolivian: Chuquisaca [quh]

Siriono [El Beni] - ISO Language [srq]

Spanish: Castellano [Spain] [spa]

Tacana [Bolivia] - ISO Language [tna]

Toba [Argentina, Chaco] - ISO Language [tob]

Trinitario [Bolivia] - ISO Language [trn]

Wichí Lhamtés Nocten [Bolivia] - ISO Language [mtp]

Yaminahua (Bolivia) [yaa]

Yuqui [Bolivia] - ISO Language [yuq]

Yuracare [Bolivia] - ISO Language [yuz]

Yuracare: Chapare [Bolivia] [yuz]

People Groups in Bolivia

Afro-Bolivian; Americans, U.S.; Araona; Aymara, Central; Aymara, Southern; Ayore; Baure; Bolivian, Mestizo; Canichana; Cavinena; Cayubaba; Chacobo; Chinese, general; Chipaya; Chiquitano; Deaf; Ese Ejja; German; Greek; Guarani, Bolivian; Guarani, Eastern Bolivian; Guarayu; Ignaciano; Itonama; Japanese; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Latin American Branco; Mennonites; Movima; Quechua; Quechua, North Bolivian; Reyesano; Ryukyuan, Central; Siriono; Tacana; Tapiete; Toba Qom; Trinitario; Tsimane; Weenhayek, Wichi Lhames Nocten; Yaminawa; Yuqui; Yuracare;