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SaberCopy now speaks!

Rob McDonell - Thursday 11 August 2016

Our SaberCopy application has been available since we launched the Saber player a few years ago. It is a useful way to package the audio files into the best strucvture for the Saber, and allows copying to multiple devices at once.

Despite the name, SaberCopy is equally useful for copying to other removable devices, such as SD cards, USB Drives and even other players and smart phones.

We've now released a new version 3.0 of SaberCopy, with several great new features.

You can now create audio announcements from text as you copy. You can have announcements by folder and by track. This is particularly useful for players that don't have screens, or for use by anyone who don't read. And the announcements can be created in any language for which you have the text-to-speech option installed on your Windows computer.

Another new function in SaberCopy is that you can now copy to folders on a hard disk. This makes it easier to create a master folder structure on your own machine, perhaps with audio announcements added, which can then be copied directly to other device without further processing.

One more function worth mentioning is that SaberCopy now supports the Megavoice Storyteller range specifically, and can create the audio structure the way these devices need.

SaberCopy is free. You can download it from the SaberCopy page.