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Partnership with MegaVoice

Rob McDonell - Saturday 05 August 2017

GRN's release of SaberCopy 3.0 last year has led to a whole new avenue of cooperation with MegaVoice.

GRN and MegaVoice have been partners in evangelism for many years, mainly though adding GRN content on to MegaVoice players. MegaVoice have made over a million audio Bible players. They have materials available for their players in 4600 languages and dialects, thanks in large part to the inclusion of GRN's recordings in their Audio Cloud.

Now, MegaVoice have adopted SaberCopy as their primary audio duplication software, both for themselves and their customers. It allows content to be copied to any MegaVoice player faster and more accurately than before.

This cooperation has led to many more improvements to SaberCopy over the last year, and there is a lot more in the works. We praise God for this opportunity to work together in bringing the gospel to people all over the world in their own language.

SaberCopy now speaks!

Rob McDonell - Thursday 11 August 2016

Our SaberCopy application has been available since we launched the Saber player a few years ago. It is a useful way to package the audio files into the best strucvture for the Saber, and allows copying to multiple devices at once.

Despite the name, SaberCopy is equally useful for copying to other removable devices, such as SD cards, USB Drives and even other players and smart phones.

We've now released a new version 3.0 of SaberCopy, with several great new features.

You can now create audio announcements from text as you copy. You can have announcements by folder and by track. This is particularly useful for players that don't have screens, or for use by anyone who don't read. And the announcements can be created in any language for which you have the text-to-speech option installed on your Windows computer.

Another new function in SaberCopy is that you can now copy to folders on a hard disk. This makes it easier to create a master folder structure on your own machine, perhaps with audio announcements added, which can then be copied directly to other device without further processing.

One more function worth mentioning is that SaberCopy now supports the Megavoice Storyteller range specifically, and can create the audio structure the way these devices need.

SaberCopy is free. You can download it from the SaberCopy page.

Saber player answers the challenge in the oral community

Rob McDonell - Friday 23 January 2009

We received this feedback report on Saber use in Thailand:

I went up to my mission field last weekend and the Saber player has amazed me. The members enjoyed Aside from the Mien whole book of acts I put in, I embedded some song-accompaniments (mostly in piano) into mp3 format and so we sang lively songs without the guitar. The player is very useful especially that not most of the Bible workers have talent playing musical instruments. So I use the Saber player not only for Bible lessons but for singing accompaniments. Very useful because it works without electricity.

My Mien and Thai language is limited but it is not the hindrance since the audio lessons in Saber player could explain everything.

What I really like with the Saber is that we can follow up our bible interest with new lessons right in time since we are allowed to modify, edit and add the content. The USB has great advantage than other players promoted that we are not allowed to do our own thing. That basically delay and affect the spiritual growth of the verbal community. We have tried the other player designed by another organization and there is far difference...Saber player answers the challenge in the oral community. Thank God.

Alejandro Cardeinte
Reaching among the Mien Hilltribe

Welcome to your place

Rob McDonell - Sunday 01 July 2007

The Talk Place is GRN's new blog site. Here's you'll find all sorts of views and inside information from Global Recordings Network around the world.

The vision of GRN is that everyone might hear and understand God's word in their heart language - the language in which they think and feel. This vision is particular focused on those who are oral communicators, and those who don't have Scriptures in a form they can access.

At the Talk Place you can discuss these objectives, and the materials used to accomplish them. It's a place for anyone involved in producing or using non-print evangelistic resources to share their passion, their insights, and their experience. Your participation is most welcome.

The main Global Recordings Network website will continue to provide language information, articles, and details about GRN's materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching.

May this community serve to increase the reach of the gospel to people who haven't yet heard it.

Rob McDonell