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Saber player answers the challenge in the oral community

Rob McDonell - Friday 23 January 2009

We received this feedback report on Saber use in Thailand:

I went up to my mission field last weekend and the Saber player has amazed me. The members enjoyed Aside from the Mien whole book of acts I put in, I embedded some song-accompaniments (mostly in piano) into mp3 format and so we sang lively songs without the guitar. The player is very useful especially that not most of the Bible workers have talent playing musical instruments. So I use the Saber player not only for Bible lessons but for singing accompaniments. Very useful because it works without electricity.

My Mien and Thai language is limited but it is not the hindrance since the audio lessons in Saber player could explain everything.

What I really like with the Saber is that we can follow up our bible interest with new lessons right in time since we are allowed to modify, edit and add the content. The USB has great advantage than other players promoted that we are not allowed to do our own thing. That basically delay and affect the spiritual growth of the verbal community. We have tried the other player designed by another organization and there is far difference...Saber player answers the challenge in the oral community. Thank God.

Alejandro Cardeinte
Reaching among the Mien Hilltribe