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"Die Geschichte von Jesus in jeder Sprache erzählen"

Die Vision von GRN: Menschen sollen das Wort Gottes in ihrer eigenen Herzensprache hören und verstehen - Speziell orale Sprachgruppen haben keinen Zugang zur Bibel in der Form die sie verstehen können.

Verwandte Informationen

5fish: GRN content on your device - Applications for easy distribution and playback of GRN's recordings on mobile devices.

About GRN - International Director Graydon Colville - Graydon shares on GRN's goal to see the good news of Jesus in every language variety on earth.

"We're watching you!" - Attracted by Forgiveness - Attacks on Christians in West Africa has had some surprising repercussions . . .

People Accept Christ in West African Outreach - GRN shared the gospel in a four day outreach in west Africa, where 102 people prayed to receive Christ.

Ministry Partners - GRN works in partnership with many organisations and at many levels from local to International.

Taking the Gospel to the Palenqueros - The Palenquero language is the only Creole (a language of mixed African and European ancestry, especially one based on French or Spanish) spoken in Latin America.

Burkina Faso: Bijbels Onderwijs in Soukola - Soms kom je in dorpjes waarvan je denkt: waar ben ik nu terecht gekomen? Dit gebeurde ook tijdens onze zendingsreis naar Burkina Faso.

Evangelise On Your Holiday - GRN Netherlands suggests - if you intend to go on a cruise next holiday, why not take along some good news for the cruise staff.

How Shall They Hear? - GRN works to bring the gospel to another needy group - the non-literate deaf.

Central Africa - Equipping local Evangelists - Read about the pivotal role GRN materials are playing in evangelizing Central African people groups.

People can't stop listening to GRN Recordings - Read testimonials from around the world about how effective GRN recordings are for teaching Bible stories and evangelism.

Uu's Story - A personal report of GRN's impact on a small Thai people group.

Do you know about me? - Two thirds of the world can't, don't or won't read. GRN enables them to hear the good news of Jesus in their own language.

A Global Plan for the Gospel in Every Language - Speakers of the English language, may not realise how valued audio Bible stories can be to minority languages, oral learners and unreached people groups.

Hearing the gospel in Vietnam and Laos - How a local worker has used the Saber to play gospel messages in Vietnam and Laos.

Bible Pictures from GRN - Global Recordings Network has hundreds of large Bible pictures in full colour and in black & white outline.

Memorable Milestones: How Shall they Hear? - To paraphrase the Apostle Paul: "How shall they hear (the recordings) without a player?"

A Saber in Action - Read the exciting reports about the Saber being used in the field.

By All Means - In this age of technology the Lord is showing us innovative ways to share the gospel with those who have never heard of Jesus, the idea of using a cell phone to introduce the gospel to someone who has not yet heard of Jesus is very exciting!

Memorable Milestones: Keeping Up With Technology - Joy Ridderhof's simple but brilliant idea took her down a path of high-tech equipment to reach low-tech people.