Totota outreach and later report

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The last outreach we did in Totota last week ended with some disruption. We knew that there were rebels fighting 25 miles from the refugee camps where we were showing the "Jesus" film, so we were on the alert. After every meeting, the team would immediately pack the equipment in the jeep, just in case the rebels reach the area and we would have to make a quick escape.

One night, after we showed the film and had the altar call, we heard shooting near the camps. Looters ran all over trying to take whatever their hands could touch. People ran to our car forcing their way in. We, however, managed to escape -- with extra 11 persons on board. Some were sitting on top of the jeep and on top of the hood.

We drove for twenty minutes at high speed until we reached the next town and dropped the extra people there. Two of my staff got wounded and many of them are suffering from body pains.

We praise the Lord for this great deliverance. None of our equipment was lost. According to reports, rebels are again close to the city. They are about 17 miles away. There is no fighting here as yet, but there is great fear in the city. The camps are all safe and protected by soldiers. Please pray that God will protect the tents used by the people from stray bullets.

Two weeks later, the following note was added -

Tension is growing around the city and entire country because of the rebel fighting. Recently they came very near the city. The west side is cooled down, though still not safe.

Rebels have closed all roads leaving the country. The only way out now is by sea or air. My daughter [who suffers from a condition needed surgery] came recently for a visit with her aunt. We took her to the hospital and discovered she also suffers from malaria and right now is on an IV drip. The worst news is that the team responsible for her trip to the United States [for her treatment] needed to leave urgently for Guinea for final medical procedures and departure. But now they are stranded, so pray they can get out soon.


Please pray for my staff in these needs:

  1. Felicia Hinneh and Sis. Sando Kamara they have some wounds (from the sortie above) and need healing.
  2. Five of my staff that are asked to move from where they live. They have found new places, but they have to pay in advance before they move to these homes. They are Sis. Sando Kamara, Sis. Viola Nimene, Eric Sumo, Sis. Felecia Hinneh and Moses Joe.
  3. We need prayer and support for the next outreach programs for the Bassa people. The plan is for the end of March. Pray for Security and God's protection.
  4. I need your prayer for God to heal me from Diabetes and Thyphoid that contains 1+ Malaria. The Diabetes have just started treating and it can be cured. The kinds of foods the doctor advised me to eat more or less must be imported into our country. They are very expensive.

Please let me hear from you that you are praying with us about these things.

Evang. John S. B. Deguah
Gospel Recordings Liberia & Village Christian Outreach Ministry Monrovia