Good News for Quichua Indians

Good News for Quichua Indians

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Gustavo Calixto is a Mexican missionary working as a GRN recordist in Ecuador. Last year Gus recorded messages in the Quichua Salasaca language and later distributed about 100 CDs in the area. Nothing much happened, and he continued his recording activities.

A few months ago he was on a bus between Quito and Shell, when a Quichua Indian boarded. Gus struck up a conversation with him and asked which Quichua he spoke. He replied that he was from Salasaca but lived in the Galapagos Islands with many other Quichuas from his town. He said that they had heard that there were messages from God in their language. The Quichuas pooled their money together and bought a ticket for him to go to the mainland and find the CDs for them. He "happened" to sit on the seat next to Gus, who had made several CDs in that language.

Gus had tears running down his cheeks as they rode, as he realized that the Indians themselves were searching out the treasure of God's words for their lives. What a joy to be able to fill the hands reaching out for fresh bread for their spiritual lives.

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