Ordering Information

Ordering Information

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Global Recordings Network has a range of audio and audio-visual materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in thousands of languages.

Choosing the materials

Review the resources available on this site. Consider in particular if there are products that relate together:

For recordings, check the GRN website or your local GRN office to confirm details about language varieties required.

For recordings of the Good News, Look, Listen & Live, and The Living Christ you may also want to purchase the picture books that go with them, which are available in various sizes.

For the Saber hand wind digital player you may want to consider the available accessories such as cables, memory cards, solar panels and various other power adapters. Also consider whether you want any GRN recordings to be preloaded.

Note that not all items are available in all centres.

Placing an order

Order from Australia

Order online here, or order over the phone by calling 02-9899-2211. (You can also use this online order page to pay for an order you have already placed.)

Click here for Australian prices.

Order from Canada

Order over the phone toll free on 1-877-574-1994, or email us for more information.

Click here for Canadian prices.

Order from South Africa

Order GRN materials from South Africa visit GRN Southern Africa page for contact details.

Order from the UK

Order over the phone by calling 01494 485 414, or email us for more information.

Click here for UK prices.

Order from the USA

Order over the phone by calling 520-989-3323, or toll-free (in the US only) 888-444-7872. If you have any questions before placing an order, you can email us and a representative will reply to your email as soon as possible.

Click here for USA prices.

Order from your local office

Contact your nearest office for more information.

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"Good News" audio-visual - This audio visual set has 40 pictures to present an overview of the Bible from Creation to Christ. It covers the salvation message and basic teaching on the Christian life. It is available in more than 1300 languages.

"Look, Listen and Live" audio-visual - A set of 8 programs of 24 pictures each for evangelism and Christian teaching. The series presents Old Testament characters, the life of Jesus, and the young church.

Материалы для евангелизации и изучения Библии - Global Recordings Network записывает аудиоматериалы для евангелизации и начального изучения Библии на тысячах языков, а также печатает книжки с картинками и выпускает аудиоплееры с ручным приводом.

"The Living Christ" audio-visual - This comprehensive audio visual uses 120 pictures to give a more in depth view of the life and ministry of Jesus.

Accessories for your Saber - The Saber has a range of optional extras for recharging the machine and loading content.

Use GRN materials in your ESL teaching ministry! - Read how one ministry leader is using GRN materials in her ESL ministry, teaching English to Migrants.