JavaScript Developers

JavaScript Developers

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GRN has developed a number of websites and apps for in-house and public use. These aid in the process of language research and recording, production of recordings into audio and video formats, and making the materials in thousands of languages accessible to everyone around the globe.

GRN uses a mix of Google Cloud services, and fullstack Vue.js applications backed by a GraphQL API, which connects to a PostgreSQL database. The code is deployed using Kubernetes. Caching is possible with GraphQL or Cloud Firestore. A significant amount of our static content is served by Cloud Storage.

As a fullstack JavaScript developer, you could contribute frontend and backend code to the Vue.js applications which power these services. GRN has a shared-responsibility and test-driven philosophy for its JS codebase, so you would be working with other members of the development team frequently. There will be opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on several projects.

GRN practices "DevOps", which means developers also fill the operational requirements of their applications. Depending on work schedules, some on-call hours may be requested of you.

This work can be done as either a full time or part time supported staff member, or as a volunteer. Management of these projects is done from GRN Australia, but suitably skilled developers could potentially work from anywhere.


At least 1 year of JavaScript development education or experience, including

  • Used jQuery or other common JS libraries or any JS framework
  • Debugged JS using the browser console
  • Written test suites/cases for any application
  • Used explicit types in any language

Very helpful

Some specific JS frameworks experience and knowledge of cloud systems, including

  • Used Angular, React, Vue, Meteor or similar
  • Implemented a JS frontend with non-JS backend through an API
  • Used Express or other NodeJS servers
  • Familiar with SQL databases
  • Deployed to any of GCP, AWS, Azure, Huawei
  • Used a storage service to deliver static web files e.g. CSS, JS, images
  • Deployed pods to Kubernetes
  • Used any cloud logging or monitoring service

Nice to have

High level or specific experience with the technologies GRN is using, including

  • Comfortable with TypeScript and Vue 3
  • Used Nuxt.js, GraphQL and/or PostgreSQL
  • Mocked backend/API responses as part of testing
  • Used Google Cloud Platform, GKE in particular
  • Experience being on-call for a web application
  • Comfortable with the Jest test framework
  • Worked with server-rendered page content in JavaScript

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