Recording Genesis in the Ju'Hoan language

Recording Genesis in the Ju'Hoan language

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Michael Ropp did his recordist training in Sydney in 2014 and now works as a recordist in Southern Africa, as part of work that GRN Australia is responsible for.

Michael has been working on recording the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis in the Ju'Hoan language of Namibia.

His work in the Ju'Hoan language is a good example of what we consider to be a High Priority language. It's a relatively small people group with around 46,000 speakers, and no Bible or exisiting recordings.

Michael's recordings will be the first time that Biblical content will be distributed in the Ju'Hoan language!

Please pray with us that God will use these recordings to bring truth and life to the Ju'Hoan speaking people.

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