GRN International Leadership Team

이 페이지는 한국어로 제공되지..

International Leadership Team consists of 5 - 7 National Directors or Board members who are appointed by the GRN International Council to work with the International Director and to provide global leadership for the mission.

  • Director of Europe. Sam coordinates the work of GRN centres and bases across Europe.

  • GRN International Director and Chair of International Leadership Team. Graydon provides strategic leadership and represents the mission at a global level.

  • Executive Director GRN USA. Skip brings a diverse history that includes serving the Lord as a college and seminary professor and as president of two other international ministries.

  • GRN National Director in Asia with more than 20 years ministry experience with GRN in recording, outreach and leadership.

  • Centre Leader GRN Cameroon. Joseph has been in leadership since 1992, is trained as a paramedic and recordist, and has studied translation principles, theology and computer science.

  • CEO GRN Australia. Christine has a background as an electrical engineer, has studied theology, and served for 10 years with SIM (Serving in Mission) in Ecuador.

  • GRN International Director Designate. Tim will be taking over from Graydon in this role in the first half of 2024.


녹음 전략 - GRN은 선교 녹음가들을 훈련시키고 전세계 국가들에 보냅니다.-어떤 언어도 어렵지 않으며, 어떤 마을도 멀지 않습니다.

비전과 사명들 - Global Recordings Network 목표는 복음을 모든 종족과 언어와 나라에 전달하는 것입니다.

글로벌 사역 코디네이터 - 국제 팀의 역활은 "모든 언어로 예수님의 이야기를 전하" 는 선교를 잘 완수하기 위해 GRN 운영과 인력을 돕고 있습니다.

GRN 조직 - GRN 은 공통된 합의와 동의로 연결된 50 개 운영체의 국제 연합입니다.