LLL 1: Ochaka Nende Nyasaye [Look, Listen & Live 1 Beginning with GOD] - Luyia: Bunyala

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Book 1 of an audio-visual series with Bible stories of Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham. For evangelism, church planting and systematic Christian teaching.

Program Number: 65513
Language name: Luyia: Bunyala

Program Length: 37:12

Obuchakiro ♦ Adam Nende Ebisolo [Introduction ▪ Picture 1]


1. Obuchakiro ♦ Adam Nende Ebisolo [Introduction ▪ Picture 1]

Omukhasi Owa Adamu [Picture 2]


2. Omukhasi Owa Adamu [Picture 2]

Injukha Mundalo [Picture 3]


3. Injukha Mundalo [Picture 3]

Adamu Nende Hawa Erwany owo Mukunda [Picture 4]


4. Adamu Nende Hawa Erwany owo Mukunda [Picture 4]

Noah Nende Obwaro Bukhongo [Picture 5]


5. Noah Nende Obwaro Bukhongo [Picture 5]

Okhumala Okhwa Amatsi [Picture 6]


6. Okhumala Okhwa Amatsi [Picture 6]

Oluyingi Nende Sisubisio [Picture 7]


7. Oluyingi Nende Sisubisio [Picture 7]

Omunara Okwa Babeli [Picture 8]


8. Omunara Okwa Babeli [Picture 8]

Ayubu Yenamira Nyasaye [Picture 9]


9. Ayubu Yenamira Nyasaye [Picture 9]

Ayubu Musibera [Picture 10]


10. Ayubu Musibera [Picture 10]

Ayubu Asanda [Picture 11]


11. Ayubu Asanda [Picture 11]

Ayubu Akunyisibwa [Picture 12]


12. Ayubu Akunyisibwa [Picture 12]

Obuchakiro ♦ Abrahamu Arula Abwe [Introduction to Part 2 ▪ Picture 13]


13. Obuchakiro ♦ Abrahamu Arula Abwe [Introduction to Part 2 ▪ Picture 13]

Abrahamu Nende Lutu [Picture 14]


14. Abrahamu Nende Lutu [Picture 14]

Abrahamu Abukanana Nende Omwami owo Omurembe [Picture 15]


15. Abrahamu Abukanana Nende Omwami owo Omurembe [Picture 15]

Abrahamu Abala Chining'ining'i [Picture 16]


16. Abrahamu Abala Chining'ining'i [Picture 16]

Omwana Ishmaeli [Picture 17]


17. Omwana Ishmaeli [Picture 17]

Sarah Atesekha [Picture 18]


18. Sarah Atesekha [Picture 18]

Abrahamu Asabira Sodom [Picture 19]


19. Abrahamu Asabira Sodom [Picture 19]

Esisakhiro Esia Abrahamu [Picture 20]


20. Esisakhiro Esia Abrahamu [Picture 20]

Omuhulundu Abrahamu Nende Abasumba Baye [Picture 21]


21. Omuhulundu Abrahamu Nende Abasumba Baye [Picture 21]

Yesu Yebulwa [Picture 22]


22. Yesu Yebulwa [Picture 22]

Okhufwa Okhwa Yesu [Picture 23]


23. Okhufwa Okhwa Yesu [Picture 23]

Yesu Nomulamu [Picture 24]


24. Yesu Nomulamu [Picture 24]


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