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Area (sq km):513,115
FIPS Country Code:TH
ISO Country Code:TH
GRN Office:Sounds of Language Foundation Thailand

Map of Thailand

Map of Thailand

Languages and dialects spoken in Thailand

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Found 50 language names

គុយ [Surin] - ISO Language [kdt]

ខ្មែរលើ [Surin] - ISO Language [kxm]

Akha: Thailand [North, Chiang Mai] [ahk]

Bisu [China, Yunnan] - ISO Language [bzi]

Bru, Western: Dong Luang [Ubon Ratchathani] - ISO Language [brv]

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

Iu Mien: Chiang Rai [North, Chiang Rai] [ium]

Karen, Pwo Eastern: Kanjanaburi [Prachuap Khiri Khan] [kjp]

Karen, Pwo: Hod [North, Chiang Mai] [pww]

Karen, Pwo Northern [North, Chiang Mai] - ISO Language [pww]

Karen, Pwo Prae [Phrae] - ISO Language [kjt]

Karen, S'gaw [Myanmar] - ISO Language [ksw]

Khamu: Thailand [North, Chiang Rai] [kjg]

Lahu: Na [China, Yunnan] [lhu]

Lahu: Nyi [Thailand] [lhu]

Lawa: Ban Dong [Mae Hong Son] [lcp]

Lawa: Ban Sam [North, Chiang Rai, Ban San] [lcp]

Lawa: Chang Maw [Mae Hong Son, Maesarieng] [lcp]

Lawa: Kawng Lawi [North, Chiang Mai] [lcp]

Lawa, Northern [North, Chiang Mai, Samoeng Nuea] - ISO Language [lwl]

Lawa: Papae [Thailand] [lwl]

Lawa, Western [North, Chiang Mai] - ISO Language [lcp]

Lawa, Western: La-up [Mae Hong Son, Maesarieng] [lcp]

Lu [Thailand] [Nan] [khb]

Malay, Pattani [Narathiwat] - ISO Language [mfa]

Moken [Myanmar, Tanintharyyi] - ISO Language [mwt]

Nyah Kur [Bueng Kan] - ISO Language [cbn]

Nyaw [Mukdahan] - ISO Language [nyw]

Phai: Central [Nan] [prt]

Phu Thai [Amnat Charoen] - ISO Language [pht]

Phu Thai: Na Kae [Sakon Nakhon] [pht]

Phu Thai: Renu [Sakon Nakhon] [pht]

Prai [Nan] - ISO Language [prt]

Prai: Southern [Nan] [prt]

Shan [Myanmar] - ISO Language [shn]

Shan [Myanmar] - ISO Language [shn]

Shan [Myanmar] - ISO Language [shn]

So: Nhommarath [Kalasin] [sss]

So Thavung [Sakon Nakhon] - ISO Language [thm]

Thai [Thailand] - ISO Language [tha]

Thai: Central [Thailand] [tha]

Thai, Northeastern - ISO Language [tts]

Thai, Northern [North, Chiang Mai] - ISO Language [nod]

Thai Sign Language [Thailand] - ISO Language [tsq]

Thai, Southern [Ranong] - ISO Language [sou]

Tin: Eastern [Nan] [prt]

Ugong: Kok Chiang [Suphan Buri, Kok Chiang] [ugo]

Urak Lawoi [Krabi] - ISO Language [urk]

Yong [Thailand] - ISO Language [yno]

Yoy [Sakon Nakhon] - ISO Language [yoy]

People Groups in Thailand

Aheu Luang; Ake; Akha; Americans, U.S.; Bengali; Bisu; British; Bru, Western; Bulang, Blang; Burmese; Cham, Western; Chinese, general; Chong; Deaf; Eurasian; French; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Han Chinese, Hainanese; Han Chinese, Hakka; Han Chinese, Min Bei; Han Chinese, Min Nan; Hmong Daw; Hmong Njua; Huay; Hui, Muslim Chinese; Isan, Northeastern Thai; Iu Mien; Japanese; Jew, Thai Speaking; Karen, Black, Pa-O; Karen, Eastern Kayah; Karen, Kayah; Karen, other; Karen, Padaung; Karen, Pwo, Eastern; Karen, Pwo, Northern; Karen, Pwo Rachaburi; Karen, Red; Khmer, Central; Khmer, Northern; Khmu; Kintaq Negrito; Korean; Kui, Kuay, Suei; Lahu; Lahu Shi, Yellow Lahu; Lamet, Khamet; Lao; Lao Ga; Lao Krang; Lao Lom; Lao Ngaew; Lao Phuan; Lao Song; Lao Ti; Lao Wieng; Lawa, Eastern / Northern; Lawa, Western; Lisu, Yobin; Lua', East Pua Pray; Malay; Malay, Kedah; Malay, Pattani; Mal, Khatin, T'in; Mlabri; Moken; Moklen; Mon, Talaing; Mpi; Nyahkur; Nyaw, Tai Nyo; Nyeu; Nyong, Yong; Palaung, Silver; Phunoi, Cong; Phu Thai; Prai, Phai; Pray; Punjabi; Rohingya; Saek; Sakai, Mani; Samtao; Sinhalese; So; So Tri; Tai Bueng; Tai Dam, Black Tai; Tai Gapong; Tai Kaleun; Tai Khun; Tai Lue; Tai Mao; Tai Shan; Tai Wang; Tai Ya; Tamil Hindu; Tavoyan; Thai, Central; Thai Islam, Central; Thai Islam, Southern; Thai, Khorat; Thai, Northern; Thai, Southern; Thai, Tak Bai; Tonga; Turk; Ugong; Urak Lawoi; Urdu; Vietnamese; Wa, Parauk; Xinh Mun, Puoc; Yoy;

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