It's the whole Gospel


Dalene Joubert, CEO of GRN Southern Africa, has probably recorded, used and promoted the "Look Listen & Live" series more than most other people. She explains why it is such an excellent teaching resource.

  1. The teaching is non-confrontational - it simply tells the Bible stories
  2. It contains balanced teaching on the Father, Son, Holy Spirit i.e. The Trinity
  3. It covers both Old Testament and New Testament. (I've come across language groups that doubt that the Old Testament is part of the Bible because when 'their Bible' was translated, the Old Testament didn't form part of the translation!)
  4. The titles of each unit of the LLL1-8 set (printed on the back and front covers) demonstrate more than a chronological progress through the Bible, they parallel the development of spiritual growth for a Christian. For some audiences, this parallel could be more explicitly drawn out.
    1. LLL1 - Beginning with God - we all have to begin with God.
    2. LLL2 - Mighty Men of God - we all have to become strong spiritually.
    3. LLL3 - Victory through God - we need to overcome.
    4. LLL4 - Servants of God - we cannot conquer if we're not willing to serve.
    5. LLL5 - On Trial for God - we almost cannot conquer and serve without being persecuted.
    6. LLL6 - JESUS - Teacher & Healer - But Jesus sets the example of how the above can be accomplished. So, in Books 6 and 7 we see the example of Jesus. We should only follow Him. He is: JESUS - Teacher & Healer and He is:
    7. LLL7 - JESUS - Lord & Saviour.
    8. LLL8 - Acts of the Holy Spirit - We cannot accomplish Books 1-5 or follow Jesus (Books 6-7) without the involvement of the Holy Spirit. Thus, in Book 8 we learn about the Holy Spirit. Through His working in the lives of Peter and Paul and in the early church, we learn something of who the Holy Spirit is and how He operates.

The above is the whole gospel; nothing less, nothing more. So, anyone can make an informed decision with teaching on the trinity and an explanation on the road to salvation 'pictured' indeed by the charts - and in the correct order, the order the Bible itself gives.

Even though it is not spelled out as such, this is the 'picture' people get in their minds after working though the LLL series. The more I think about it, the more excited I get about the LLL and its compilation of the titles, the order, the structure in particular - as if a higher hand was indeed involved when these pictures were put together. It's simply so complete.


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