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5fish website display
5fish website display


Older style mobile phones may not be able to use our apps, but they can usually still access website and play the audio files.
You can share the gospel with your mobile phone
Mobile phones can be effective tools in countries with restricted access.

by Christine Platt
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

Just imagine that you are sitting in the doctor's waiting room. You strike up a conversation with the person beside you. She is very friendly but doesn't speak enough English for the conversation to go very far. What can you do?

Or maybe you have travelled overseas and have a stumbling interaction with a local person. You would love to be able to communicate something significant with them, but can't. What can you do?

You can use 5fish! Take out your phone and go to (see the end of this article for instructions on how to do this). There you will find audio and video from GRN and other ministries in over 6700 language varieties ready for you to play for that person right now.

You can listen together on your phone. It's very likely that the person will be able to download the recording onto their own phone, or you can send it directly from your phone to theirs, so they can listen at their leisure.

Once you have a recording on your phone you can share it without internet access. So if you know that you are going into an area where a particular language is spoken, you can download recordings in that language onto your phone. You can then play the recordings or transfer them to other phones without internet access.

GRN has developed 5fish so that people can have easy access to the Good News about Jesus in their own language. You will even find English materials there for people who don't read.

We want to get word out, all over the world, about

5fish. Please pray with us for people who will discover 5fish in different countries and tell people about it. Why do we ask that?

Revelation chapter five says that Jesus was slaughtered and by His blood He ransomed saints from every tribe and language and people and nation for God.

GRN's contribution to God's plan is to tell the story of Jesus in every language. We want to fulfil our mission as well as we can, and so we want as many people as possible hearing the message. Romans chapter ten tells us that faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes through the word of Christ. 5fish is a new way that people can hear that word.

Using 5fish

All phones with internet access can use 5fish. Just put into your internet browser and the mobile website will come up. An Android app is available from the Google Play

Store. We hope to have an iOS app available soon. (We are looking for volunteer developers to make the app available on other devices).

You can search for the language or set the country. Once you select a language the recordings available in that language will appear. See this video:

How did 5fish come about?

5fish has been developed by James Thomas (Australian staff member) and an army of volunteers. More recently James has been joined by Franz Brosch (Android developer) and David Nolan (iOS developer) - both are part-time Australian staff members. We are very thankful for everyone who has played a part developing 5fish.

Please Pray . . .

  • For lives to be transformed as people listen to GRN recordings
  • That people around the world would learn about 5fish and use it well
  • For Christians to tell others about 5fish
  • For GRN recordings to be used wherever they are useful
  • For James as he writes up the 5fish specifications
  • For volunteers to make 5fish available on more devices and to test it


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