Special Distribution Funds

Your donation will allow GRN to distribute CDs, Saber MP3 players, micro SD cards or other materials to a language group like the Quichua


Our God works in extraordinary ways, and gives us amazing opportunities to distribute the good news of Jesus to some of the least reached people on earth.

For example, one day Gustavo, one of our recordists in Ecuador, was on a bus when a Quichua Indian boarded. Gus struck up a conversation with him and asked which Quichua language he spoke. He replied that he was from Salasaca but lived in the Galapagos Islands with many other Quichuas from his town.

He said that they had heard that there were messages from God in their language. The Quichuas wanted to hear these messages, so they had pooled their money together and bought a ticket for him to go to the mainland and find the CDs for them.

Amazingly, the previous year Gus had recorded messages in the Quichua Salasaca language tribal area. Gus had tears running down his cheeks as he told his new friend that he could supply him with the messages from God in their language.

To find out more about Special Distribution Funds please contact Mark Hughes.

Or you can give here designating your gift to "Special Distribution Funds".


  • 1 Saber mp3 player $99
  • 5 Saber mp3 players $495
  • 100 audio CD's $200
  • 500 audio CD's $1,000


How is GRN funded? - God is the source of all we need, and he uses various channels to supply our needs, especially the generous gifts of his people.

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