Obey God

Outline: We must recognize God's holiness and justice and have a proper fear. This kind of fear helps us to obey Him and thus escape His judgments. Example of Achan, Korah, Israelites, etc. Fear God and you won't have to fear Satan.

Script Number:097
Language:Tok Pisin: PNG
Theme:Fear; Obedience; Son of God; Word of God (the Bible); Judgement; Satan (the devil)
Genre:Bible Stories & Teac

Script Text

Tok bilong God i gutpela tumas. Yu harim na mi ken tokim yu long sampela tok bilong God. Buk bilong God i tok olsem: "Man i pret ((harim tok bilong God na bihainim)) long God, em i man bilong save. Litimapim nem bilong God na bihainim Em. Mekim olsem na pinis long mekim pisin nogut. Yu tingting long bikpela strong bilong God na bihainim olgeta tok bilong Em. Manmeri i litimapim nem bilong God, God bai i mekim ol i amamas". (PAUSE)

Planti taim mi harim tok bilong God olsem: yu pret long God ((harim tok bilong God na bihainim)). Litimapim nem bilong God. Bihainim God. Bipo (tok bilong God i no kam yet long mipela) yumi no harim tok bilong God, na yumi pret long Setan tasol. Yumi pret tu long sanguma na poisen. Yumi pret long kisim sik na yumi pret long i dai. Tasol, nau yumi harim tok bilong God. Olsem nau yumi save i gutpela long pret ((tingting)) long God tasol na bihainim Em. Sampela i tok olsem: Yu mi no ken bihainim God. God i gutpela tasol. Em i laikim tumas yumi. God i no ken sutim yumi. Tasol, Setan na ol dewel nogut, oltaim ol i laik mekim nogut long yumi. Ol i laik kilim yumi na givim sik long yumi. (Olsen i moabeta yumi bihainim Setan). Olsem moabeta yumi bihainim tambu bilong Setan na oraitim ((stretim)) ((mekim i dai)) ((belhat bilong)) ol dewel nogut. Sampela i tok olsem, tasol tingting bilong ol i no gutpela.

Yu tingting long bikpela strong bilong God. God i bin wokim olgeta samting. I nogat samting i ken wokabaut sapos God i no strongim ol. God i bosim olgeta manmeri na olgeta ples. God i gutpela tasol, na i no ken mekim pasin nogut. God i no laik tru long manmeri i mekim pasin nogut. God bai i mekim save long ((krosim)) ol manmeri nogut. Buk bilong God i tokim yumi long sampela manmeri i sakim tok bilong God. God i bin mekim samting nogut tru i kamap long ol. Yu tingting long dispela stori: (PAUSE)

Bipo tru, i gat wanpela man, nem bilong em Kora. Kora i bin bikhet long ((salim tok bilong)) God. Na em i sakim tok bilong wanpela man bilong God Moses. Olsem God i mekim wanpela draipela guria i kamap. Graun i op, na Kora, wantaim ol manmeri i bihainim em, ol i pundaun insait long hul, na ol i dai pinis. (PAUSE)

Long narapela taim, sampela Judaman i bikhet long God. Ol i tok nogut long God. Olsem God i salim planti snek nogut long kaikaim ol, na sampela i dai pinis. (PAUSE). Buk bilong God i tok olsem. Olsem nau yumi ken save long pasin bilong God. God i no laik tru long pasin nogut.

Olgeta manmeri i bin mekim pasin nogut. Ol i brukim pinis tambu ((lo)) ((tok)) bilong God. God bai i mekim save long ((krosim)) ol manmeri i bihainim pasin nogut. God i bin redim ((wokim)) wanpela ples nogut tru - ples bilong paia. Manmeri i mekim pasin nogut (na i bihainim Setan) God bai i salim ol i go long ples paia. God bai i salim Setan na olgeta dewel nogut i go long ples paia. (PAUSE)

God i bosim olgeta hap graun, na olgeta manmeri, na olgeta dewel nogut. Sapos yu pret ((tingting)) long God na litimapim nem bilong Em, em i gutpela. Tasol sapos yu pret long Setan na ol dewel nogut, ol bai i sutim ((mekim nogut long)) yu tasol. Yu pret long kisim sik? Yu pret long i dai? Yu ken pret long dispela samting, tasol yu no inap long abrusim. Yu tingting long strong bilong God - em i strongpela tumas. Sapos yu pret ((tingting)) long God na litimapim nem bilong Em - em i gutpela. God bai i lukautim yu. Yu mas laikim tumas ((tingting gut long)) God na bihainim tok bilong Em. Na bai God i no salim yu long ples nogut. Bai yu sindaun gut wantaim God long gutpela ples, na yu stap gut oltaim. (God i laikim tumas yumi. Em i bin salim pikinini bilong Em. Jisas i lusim heven na i kam long graun. Jisas i bin dai long diwai kros long karim hevi long ((baiim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi. Sapos yumi harim na bihainim tok bilong Jisas, em bai i tekewe pasin nogut bilong yumi. Na wanem long yu? Yu bin harim na bihainim Jisas no nogat? Sapos yu laik bihainim Jisas, yu mas givim baksait long pasin nogut). Sapos manmeri i tok - yu mas pret long Setan na ol dewel nogut - yu no ken harim tok bilong ol. Bihainim tok bilong Jisas olgeta de. Yumi mas laikim tumas God na harim tok bilong Em. Mekim olsem, na bai yumi no ken pret long arapela samting. God bai i stap wantaim yumi na lukautim yumi long olgeta de.