A Saber in Action

A Saber in Action


A new contact of our ministry recently wrote: "Thought I'd just encourage you with this report and photo from the field regarding the Saber unit. Our church sent a team to Morocco last February and we were able to see God's work in action through the use of your device. God is saving souls through these native tongue gospel messages!"

Hi Joe,

I talked with Daniel via skype this morning. He spoke about the impact the Saber unit is making! He sent me this picture of Stephen using it to share the gospel in a village. This has become a common practice for them! Stephen is using it for one-on-one discipling the shepherd he led to Christ. They often use it on their hiking trips. Daniel said "It's to the point now that wherever we sit down to have tea, we just pull out the Saber unit and ask those around to listen to this."

Thought you might want to pass this on to the providers.

Grace and peace to you,



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