How to use the Saber audio player

How to use the Saber audio player


The Saber player has many uses but is particularly useful for those who can't or don't read and those in remote locations where electricity is not reliably available.

Distinctive features

  • High volume output: The player is suitable for large groups to listen together without the need for further amplification. It is also possible to plug in other amplification equipment to further extend its range.
  • Good sound quality: The Saber is particularly suitable for playing back music.
  • Ease of use: It only takes a few moments to become familiar with the player's operation.
  • 1GB on board memory: This will store 15 hours or more of CD-quality material. More than 50 hours of acceptable quality speech-only recording can be put onto 1GB.
  • SD memory slot: SD Memory cards up to 2GB can also be used in the machine, with the potential to store a whole Bible on one card.
  • Flexibility of operation: Using standard MP3 and WMA formats, and the built in USB port, remote users have the capacity to load, change and remove program with the use of a computer.
  • Optional "Tamper proof" screws: These discourage unauthorised access to the USB port, SD crd slot, and the internals of the machine.
  • Long playing time: When fully charged the Saber will play for more than 10 hours at full volume.
  • Power always available: The on board rechargeable batteries can be recharged through the built in hand wind generator, or through plug-in solar panel or mains power. The Saber will never be stuck without power.

How the machine can be used

  1. The Saber can be used by an individual person such as a teacher, missionary, pastor, educator, nurse or government representative. This person can take the machine to those families, individuals or groups to whom he wishes to communicate the message contained on the machine. The message may be about health or development issues; it may be a religious/faith message; it may be instructions from the government on how to vote or warning of disease or impending disaster.

    The communicator can carry the message in several different languages on separate SD cards or, if the message is not too long, on the on-board memory.

    When using the on-board memory, the Saber can be brought "back to base" from time to time for the message to be changed or updated.

    When using SD cards for the programs, anyone can take new cards with new program to where the Sabers are being used, and very easily exchange the cards. The old cards can then be taken back to base and reused.

  2. The Saber can be given or sold to an individual or family, or to the 'village chief', for their private use or for sharing with the community. An agreement might be struck to play the Saber to others on a regular schedule.

Specific applications

1. Playing the Scriptures to those who don't read

A New Testament can be easily loaded onto the onboard memory. Using higher compression (lower bit rates), it will be possible to fit an entire Bible onto the 1GB on-board memory. With the use of SD cards, Bibles of different languages can be easily carried and played.

2. Bible Storying; Church planting; Evangelism and Bible Teaching for children and/or Adults

Bible readings and stories, messages/sermons or Bible courses can be easily loaded onto the Saber and taken around to church members or village residents. These messages can be played by people with little or no training. The audio programs can be used in conjunction with Bible picture material such as those from Global Recordings Network or New Tribes Mission. The messages can be played repeatedly until they are learned, then updated as necessary.

The messages can be used in conjunction with music and songs, or the message can be conveyed in music, song, chanting or whatever style is appropriate.

Audio programs available on the Internet can be easily downloaded and loaded onto the Saber.

With access to the GRN Audio library, the Saber can 'speak' in over 6400 language varieties.

3. Scripture translation projects

The Saber can be a very useful tool in a Bible Translation project. It can be used for checking portions/books as they are translated. The recordings made by the translation team (or others) can be edited and loaded on the field. It can be updated and added to very quickly.

As progress in translation is made, the growing 'Bible' can be made available to everyone, not just those who read well enough to make good use of the printed word.

Other supplementary Bible teaching materials, such as GRN materials, or the Jesus audio etc, can be made available.

4. Health education and community development

Messages about clean drinking water, AIDS prevention, crop rotation, hygiene etc can all be loaded onto the Saber and put into the hands of a village health worker or consultant.

5. The Jesus Film audio-track and dramatized New Testaments.

The high sound quality and volume of the Saber makes it an excellent delivery tool for audio programs such as The Jesus Audio and dramatized New Testaments.

6. Song writer's workshops and the teaching of new songs

Newly written songs can be loaded and quickly distributed throughout the 'target' community.


The "Saber" hand wind MP3 player - The Saber hand wind digital player is in use all over the world. It's a rugged solid state device which plays standard MP3 and WMA files.

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