Saber player Fact Sheet

Saber player Fact Sheet


GRN's new Saber is a "solid-state" digital audio player. The playback system is entirely electronic, with no moving parts. It uses the commonly available MP3 or WMA formats to enable large amounts of audio to be stored and played back at high quality. The audio files can be easily loaded by the user from a computer via the in-built USB port.

The player incorporates a speaker and high-efficiency digital amplifier, making it ideal for group listening. A heavy-duty hand-crank mechanism is coupled with a rechargeable battery to ensure that power is always available. The battery can also be recharged from an external source, such as a solar panel, via the DC socket.

The player has been designed with the goals of high reliability and long life under adverse conditions. The case is made of tough ABS plastic, with impact-absorbing Neoprene corners. The keypad uses high reliability switches beneath a tough membrane. The player is highly dust-resistant.

User Controls

Audio files can be grouped into folders. The user can search within a file, move from file to file, or move from folder to folder. The simple keypad has the following functions:

  • On / Off / Pause / Resume
  • Prev folder / First folder
  • Next folder / Last folder
  • Prev file / Review (fast backward)
  • Next file / Cue (fast forward)
  • Volume Up / Down


Audio file formats: MP3 or WMA

On board memory: 1GB

Memory expansion: Slot for SD memory card up to 2GB

File system: 2 level FAT16 folders and files

File transfer: USB 2.0 though five-pin Mini-USB Series B socket

Built in amplifier: Mono, 400mW typical, 8 ohm speaker

External headphone socket: Stereo, 32 ohm

Internal battery: 3.6V 700mAH rechargeable NiMH

Battery life: Approximately 10 hours at high volume after full charge

Built in battery recharge: Hand wind generator requiring 1 minute winding for every 4 minutes of playing

External battery recharge: 2.1mm DC power socket (centre pin positive) for

  • Optional Power Pack 7.2V 500mA
  • Optional Battery Pack 6V
  • Optional Solar Panel 6V

Display: Green LED for player state, and Red LED for battery condition

Dimensions: 180mm x 123mm x 51mm

Weight: 630g


Support for your Saber - Support information, and latest documents and software for the Saber hand wind MP3 player.

The "Saber" hand wind MP3 player - The Saber hand wind digital player is in use all over the world. It's a rugged solid state device which plays standard MP3 and WMA files.