Understanding the batteries in the Saber

Understanding the batteries in the Saber


The Saber player is powered by a built in set of rechargeable batteries.

The batteries are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and are rated at 3.6Volt 750mAh.

The batteries should have a life of at least two years. Their life will be prolonged by keeping them charged and in good condition.

How do I keep the batteries charged?

If the batteries in the Saber have some charge in them, the player will play when you press the On button. If the batteries are fully charged the player could play for 10 hours or more. However this may give a false sense that the player will simply continue to play without recharging, which of course is not the case.

The batteries can be recharged in two ways:

  1. the internal hand wind generator
  2. an external power source

How do I use the hand wind generator?

For every minute of turning the handle, you should get several minutes of playing time with the Saber. This does vary, however, depending on the state of the batteries and how loud the Saber is playing.

This means that it can take more than two hours of winding to fully charge the batteries.

If you don't have access to an external power source to keep the batteries charged and good condition, then you should adopt the habit of turning the handle ALL THE TIME while the player is playing. This will keep the batteries well charged. If you allow the batteries to become fully discharged before winding the handle, then the player will not turn on as easily next time.

What do I do if the batteries are discharged?

If the batteries are fully discharged you will not be able to turn on the player. To overcome this, follow these steps to use the Saber:

  1. Turn the handle for at least 1 minute.
  2. Turn the Saber on and select what you want to listen to.
  3. Keep turning the handle and the player will continue to play while the batteries are being recharged.

The power generated from the built in hand wind generator is sufficient to run the player and recharge the batteries at the same time.

How do I use an external power source?

The Saber is fitted with a DC socket to allow other power sources to be used. The socket is 2.1mm, centre pin positive (+).

Global Recordings Network can supply the following power supplies.

AC adapter

This allows the Saber to be connected to AC power. The unit is rated at 7Volts DC 500mA. It has a range of plugs, and can handle different input voltages, so it can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Battery holder

This allows you to fit 4 D size batteries.

Solar Panel

This can be used to charge the batteries in the Saber. You can also play the Saber while the batteries are being charged.

12 Volt Adapter

This allows the Saber to be connected to a car battery, either through a cigarette lighter socket or directly connected to the battery terminals.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

As an accompanyment to the Solar Panel, this battery pack can be charged during the daytime, and then used to recharge and power the Saber during the night. You can even use multiple rechargeable battery packs so that one can be charging with the solar panel while another is being used to power the Saber.

The rechargeable battery pack will be available in late 2009.

WARNING: If you use your own AC adapter or other external power source it must be less than or equal to 8Volts DC and have a current rating of at least 350mA. A range of 7-7.5Volts and 500mA is recommended. If you connect a voltage greater than 8Volts DC, for example a car battery, you may damage the player. If you connect a voltage lower than 7Volts, or less than 350mA, then the Saber will recharge more slowly or not at all.

Will the batteries discharge if I don't use them?

Yes, the batteries will slowly discharge even if they are not being used. The batteries are fully charged during manufacture, but can lose a substantial portion of their charge during storage and shipping.

The following data is a guide to how quickly the batteries can discharge.

  • At a temperature of 20'C the self leakage discharge is around 20% per month.
  • At a temperature of 40'C+ the self leakage discharge can be over 40% per month.


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