Working at GRN

Working at GRN


Noel in his younger days - recording
One of GRN's wind up record players

by Elise Cooper - Website

NOEL BACHELOR - Global Studio Co-ordinator - GRN's Sound Sage

Iconic thongs hark back to his recording days in the 'top end'. Words like 'mob' (not the mafia kind) and 'smoko' (break time) still fall naturally from his tongue and yet this 'bloke' has an encyclopedic knowledge of sound.

While I can't even sing in tune, Noel Bachelor, GRN Global Studio Coordinator can not only assess the qualities of an audio recording but also what happened during the recording and editing process, what machine the recording was recorded on and probably the dimensions of the room it was recorded in - "Audio Forensics".

More useful at least from GRN's perspective - he can pinpoint what is needed to improve sound quality, clarity and recording processes to make our recordings the best they can be.

Did you know that sound has colour and many other qualities that can be impacted by the size and materials used in the construction of a recording studio?

During the construction of the new studios Noel was able to direct the Acoustic Engineer while the rest of us attempted to dislodge a threatening migraine.

Sound is his passion and GRN recordists and those who hear the recordings are enriched through his contribution.

He is also a GRN historian with a keen interest in maintaining the museum pieces that tell the story of GRN's use of sound recording and playback devices from the phonograph to the phone.

While stereotypical seekers of truth climb mountain tops to find their guru, our recordists are on Skype or sending their emails to Noel.


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Noel Bachelor - Global Studio Coordinator (GSC) AUS. Coordinates GRN studio processes for the receiving, processing and storage of audio programs and associated data.

Noel and Mary Bachelor - Noel is the Global Studio coordinator. Mary works in reception and sales.