Lost for Words

Lost for Words


By Stuart Mill with Dan Wooding

Published in 1990

Since its humble beginnings over fifty years ago, Language Recordings - formerly Gospel Recordings - has grown enormously. Over ten million recordings of the Christian message have been distributed in more than 4,500 languages.

Stuart Mill, a missionary in the Solomon Islands, was captivated by the vision of people hearing God's truth in their own language. Lost for Words is his extraordinary story, stretching from his pioneering days in the Pacific, to the founding and remarkable development of Gospel Recordings Australia.

He is an intensely practical engineer, with a fertile imagination and unswerving faith, and God has used Stuart's inventive mind to further the worldwide cause of Christ.

Lost for Words tells of how God used Stuart Mill and of his involvement with Joy Ridderhof and Gospel Recordings, and the establishment of the mission in Australia.


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