GRN Bangladesh

GRN Bangladesh


In 1985, David Halder, a graduate of the Bible College of Victoria, with his wife Namita, founded the Language Recordings (GRN) office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alex and Sybil Shaw helped them get started. Together, they set up an Advisory Board of dedicated men and accepted applicants to help with the work.

Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim country in the world. Initially, the application to register the organization as "Gospel Recordings" was refused, but a name change to 'Language Recordings International' was accepted. LRI/GRN has recorded the Gospel message in 45 of the languages and dialects of the country. The materials have been utilized widely by the local churches and mission groups in their evangelistic work.

Rev James Karmakar (previously a church pastor and the LRI Bangladesh Board Treasurer) joined the LRI team as a full-time staff member in 1994, and is now Co-Director with David. He now leads the GRN team, with emphasis on distribution of the materials. His desire is to see the recordings, visuals, and players used to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard it in their own language.

GRN Bangladesh has also developed a work of Christian compassion called the Health, Education and Leadership Program (HELP Bangladesh). It provides a home for 300 needy and orphaned children, along with a primary school, Vocational Training Centre, medical care and a Micro Credit Program. There is also a hostel in Dhaka for the older children who are capable of going on to tertiary education.


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