GRN International Leadership Team


International Leadership Team consists of 5 - 7 National Directors or Board members who are appointed by the GRN International Council to work with the International Director and to provide global leadership for the mission.

  • GRN International Director and Chair of International Leadership Team. Tim provides strategic leadership and represents the mission at a global level.

  • Director of Europe. Sam coordinates the work of GRN centres and bases across Europe.

  • Executive Director GRN USA. Skip brings a diverse history that includes serving the Lord as a college and seminary professor and as president of two other international ministries.

  • GRN National Director in Asia with more than 20 years ministry experience with GRN in recording, outreach and leadership.

  • Centre Leader GRN Cameroon. Joseph has been in leadership since 1992, is trained as a paramedic and recordist, and has studied translation principles, theology and computer science.

  • CEO GRN Australia. Christine has a background as an electrical engineer, has studied theology, and served for 10 years with SIM (Serving in Mission) in Ecuador.

  • Graydon ColvilleGraydon Colville - Outgoing International Director. Graydon remains connected to the ILT for 2024 to assist in the transfer of leadership.


Ministry Strategy - GRN trains and deploys missionary recordists to nations all around the world - no language is too obscure, and no village is too remote.

Vision and Mission - The goal of the Global Recordings Network is to provide the gospel to every tribe and tongue and nation.

Global Ministry Coordinators - Coordinators who support and serve the global network in aspects of GRN work such as recordist training, information systems, global studio and member care.

GRN Organization - GRN is a global alliance of approximately 50 operations (Centres and Bases), connected by a common commitment and agreement.