GRN Equips Evangelists in Ghana

GRN Equips Evangelists in Ghana


Tamale is a predominantly Muslim town north of Ghana where Christians and Muslims live peaceably with respect for each other.

GRN is working alongside representatives to promote GRN and establish a network of volunteers, to expand GRN work in Ghana.

It's the first time we venture to go up North in a strategic move that will help us to cover the whole Ghana.

We made a presentation to 20 Pastors and Evangelists who expressed interest and eagerness to use our materials.

In the future, we will move to the next town by inviting contacts there to attend our presentation.

Out of the 20 participants, we selected 8 to which we have given a kit containing:

  1. one SD card loaded with languages
  2. One card reader which is also a radio
  3. One Good News A3 Picturebook
  4. A set of batteries
  5. Every participant received a copy of a Look, Listen & Live A3 picture book.

Please pray

Praise God for GRN contacts in Ghana who have a passion to see GRN grow and spread to the North of Ghana.

Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who see and hear the Bible stories that they will respond to the message of the Gospel.

Pray that the GRN resources given to evangelists in Ghana will be well used and useful for teaching the Gospel.


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