Democratic Republic of Congo: Duplicating and Distributing

Receiving a CD of Look, Listen & Live 6
Receiving a CD of Look, Listen & Live 6


Evangelist Umba duplicates cassettes, CDs, DVDs & micro SD cards in French & vernacular languages.
Semi-trailers carry both goods and people. Passengers ride on top which is very dangerous, and due to the road conditions also very slow.
Hiring a motorcyle is the only way to reach places that are impossible to reach by car.
Crowds of people listen to GRN's Good News program on a Saber connected to a megaphone.
These four women from a rural area heard the LLL4 recording. They were touched by themessage and they gave their lives to Christ.
A Saber MP3 player being loaded with programs
The CD/DVD duplicating machine

by Christine Platt
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a French-speaking nation in central Africa. It has been a troubled nation for many years because of armed conflict and serious abuse meted out on its people. There is widespread disease and famine while the country's infrastructure is poor, and corruption rife. DRC has not known peace for a long, long time.

GRN established a base in DRC in 2002 led by Mr Umba wa Bondo Kazadi. The GRN workers are reaching lost souls through recordings in vernacular and French languages on cassette, Saber, CD, DVD, micro SD cards, and Bluetooth. Umba duplicates cassettes, CDs, DVDs and micro SD cards. Yes, they are still using cassettes and their old duplicating machine is causing them lots of problems!

DRC is a nation with endemic corruption: out of twenty Sabers sent over, only six arrived. These are precious tools and the office would love more. They do such a good job of proclaiming the Gospel to large groups in places with no electricity and little money available.

Umba travels extensively to remote villages and to people living in rural areas. He has difficulty walking and is thankful to God that he is able to travel as far as he does.

Due to the bad roads there is little traffic. Semi-trailers carry both goods and people. Passengers ride on top which is very dangerous and difficult for Umba with his disability. It can take the truck one to three weeks to make a journey which would only take a few days in a four-wheel drive.

If there are no trucks he hires a motorcycle. He evangelises and distributes GRN resources to the people he meets and is thankful to see people responding to the good news with repentance and faith.

A one-day conference to train pastors in evangelism using GRN resources was recently held in Nyunzu. The pastors left happy to have a tool for reaching out to the lost and knowledge of the technology available to help them.

Please Pray for . . .

  • Umba as he prepares materials and travels doing the work of an evangelist and distributor of GRN materials.
  • Ask that God would remove the veil from people's eyes that they might see the truth and become true disciples of Jesus.
  • Pray that Umba would have the equipment and resources he needs to do his work.
  • Ask God to open a way for us to send a good number of Sabers to DRC.
  • Pray for the government of DRC and for peace to come to the country.
  • Pray for revival to come to DRC.


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