Why Bible-based Bridge Materials?


Audio-visual bridge materials help to create a visual frame of reference.

Download the whole video from here (57MB).


"Good News" audio-visual - This audio visual set has 40 pictures to present an overview of the Bible from Creation to Christ. It covers the salvation message and basic teaching on the Christian life. It is available in more than 1300 languages.

"Look, Listen and Live" audio-visual - A set of 8 programs of 24 pictures each for evangelism and Christian teaching. The series presents Old Testament characters, the life of Jesus, and the young church.

"The Living Christ" audio-visual - This comprehensive audio visual uses 120 pictures to give a more in depth view of the life and ministry of Jesus.

Videos - Videos from Global Recordings Network all around the world.

Audio and Audio-Visual Materials - A wide range of culturally appropriate resources in 6348 language varieties, particularly suited for oral communicators.

GRN Southern Africa - General information, articles, news and contact details about GRN South Africa.

南アフリカ共和国 - Information about 南アフリカ共和国