Along Unfamiliar Paths



Marlène Muhr

Proclaiming God's Light in Man's Night

by Marlène Muhr

Published in 1982

This book tells how God did exceedingly abundantly above all that was asked or thought possible.

Marlène writes, in her introduction "The purpose of this book is not to convince any read of the importance of the work of Gospel Recordings in Europe. It is to tell some of the wonderful works which God Himself has performed in this part of the world, some highlights which have marked my fifteen years of joint ministry with Ann Sherwood from mid-June 1965 to mid-June 1980."

Marlène Muhr was Director of Gospel Recordings Europe.

In 'Along Unfamiliar Paths' Marlène shares highlights of fifteen years with her co-worker, Ann Sherwood, as they traveled 'along unfamiliar paths' reaching people groups of Europe, Mid-East and African countries with the recorded gospel message in their own language.

See a scan of the full book here.

Three specific chapters of this book are also included below.


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