Don't speak Akha? Our recordings do!

Don't speak Akha? Our recordings do!


Lauren is a Christian lady living in Thailand who has shared her first experience of using GRN materials:

How do I share the Good News with an Akha speaker?

When we knew we were going to visit a family in which the adults only speak Akha, and were oral communicators, I started to try to brainstorm how we could possibly serve them or reach them in their language.

I had heard of GRN by word-of-mouth

I remembered that a year or two ago a friend of ours had shown me these special devices that are made to hold recordings and have special speakers that can broadcast the message to audiences from a small group to up to 100 people. They have a hand crank (or you can purchase a solar panel) to power them, so you don't need electricity or batteries (The family have no electricity, and batteries would be a huge expense they couldn't afford).

GRN has lots of free resources

I contacted the group (GRN) who confirmed that they had these machines (Sabers) available. It turned out they also had stories from the Word from Genesis to Revelation.

They also had testimonies and songs and gospel messages on how to follow the Father, all in the Akha language. There is a picture book that goes with the stories as well. The picture books cost money, but I felt led to purchase a Saber and picture book for this family. The recordings were all free.

The little box was speaking their language

When I first pulled the Saber out they all gathered around and were amazed that this little box was speaking their language. They said that the speaker sound quality was very clear and easy to understand. Right before we left I pulled it out again and had them run it themselves to be sure they knew how to use it properly.

I'm hoping they will listen to the stories over and over again

I pray that many evenings when the sun goes down and there is nothing else to do, they will listen to these stories over and over again. I told them to ask the Father to help them to understand why He told this story, and what it means for them. I shared that it could be either an example to follow, or something to show them more about Him, or what He wanted them to learn.

Please pray with us for their salvation

Please pray with me for this family's salvation. I have shared James 1:5 with them: "If any of you lacks wisdom he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him." (NIV). Please pray for God's wisdom and revelation for this family as they listen to the recordings.


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