Risorse per l'evangelizzazione e l'insegnamento della Bibbia

GRN dispone di materiale audio e audiovisivo per l'evangelizzazione e l'insegnamento della Bibbia di base in oltre 6000 lingue e dialetti.

Le semplici risorse audio e audiovisive raccontano la verità della parola di Dio nella lingua madre di ogni gruppo di persone.

Informazioni correlate

A proposito di GRN - GRN produce registrazioni audio di insegnamenti biblici nelle 6445 lingue per i gruppi linguistici meno conosciuti al mondo

Parole di Vita -

Other Audio-only Recordings - These stand-alone, evangelistic audio resources do not have supplementary visual materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions about the organisation and ministry of the Global Recordings Network

Books from GRN - These publications tell the exciting story of the formation of Gospel Recordings and Language Recordings. There are also devotional booklets.

Copyright and Licensing - GRN shares it's audio, video and written scripts under Creative Commons

Ministry to Children - GRN's stories are well used by adults but they can also be effectively used in children's ministry.

Sunday School Materials and Teaching Resources - GRN's resources and material for teaching Sunday School. Use these tools in your childrens ministry.

The Good News in Gumatj - Mission Aviation Fellowship have designed a new DVD resource incorporating GRN audio Bible recordings and pictures for the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land.

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GRN Recordings Transformed our Ministry - My family served as missionaries in Nigeria for 17 years. It was an incredible time of seeing God move in amazing ways. He worked through the recordings of GRN more times than I can remember. Our ministry was transformed by the recordings.