Informazioni su Cile

Region:Le Americhe
Area (sq km):756,626
FIPS Country Code:CI
ISO Country Code:CL
GRN Office:

Map of Cile

Map of Cile

Lingue e dialetti parlati in Cile

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Found 3 language names

Huilliche [Chile] - ISO Language [huh]

Mapudungun [Chile] - ISO Language [arn]

Spanish: Latin America [Colombia] [spa]

Gruppi di Persone in Cile

Alacaluf; Americans, U.S.; Arab; Atacameno; Aymara, Central; Basque; British; Chilean; Chinese, general; Deaf; French; German; Greek; Huilliche, Southern Mapuche; Italian; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Latin American, general; Mapuche; Quechua, Chilean; Rapa Nui, Easter Islander; Russian; Serb; Spaniard; Turk; Yamana;