A Prayer for GRN

A Prayer for GRN

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Almighty God, we praise You because You are great and do wondrous things, and holy is Your Name. We pray that we would live a life worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in every way, and bearing fruit in every good work. (Col 1:10) We stand in awe at Your mighty deeds as you build Your Church, drawing people from every language, culture and nation into a true relationship with yourself, the Living God.

Thank You for calling us to join with You in Your divine pursuit of the lost. Enlarge our vision to reach out to more people with the gospel. Increase our capacity to take on new challenges in our ministry; and if You do give us greater mountains to climb this year, let us not limit You through unbelief, shrinking back, low expectations or attempting only those things that seem possible. Remind us often that nothing is too hard for You.

Lord, we believe that our ministry can grow to the degree only that our faith grows. We know that faith grows through testing. We ask that all of the obstacles and difficulties we face this year will pry us loose from trusting in ourselves. May every trial cast us on the One who alone can keep us from falling, and no matter how hard are our circumstances, let nothing ever silence the songs of praise arising from our lips to the Throne of God.

Father, give us a desire for righteous living. Work in us grace that finds holiness attractive and sin repulsive. Let us live in joyful union with Your will. May we lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily hinders us. Remind us always to put on the whole armor of God. Train our hands for battle this year and arm us with strength. Lead us in paths of righteousness and make our feet like those of a deer that is able to tread the heights.

Lord, what a great privilege we have as intercessors. You have enabled us to impact the world from our prayer closets. Let us be faithful in fulfilling our high calling as Your royal priesthood, willing to stand in the gap in prayer for world evangelization. May we never grow weary in praying for the things that concern You.

With the longings of Your heart as our driving force, we go forth this new year in the faith of Jesus Christ to possess for the Lamb the reward of His sacrifice - those peoples from every tribe and language and culture. To Him be glory among the nations.


Colin Stott
Global Prayer Coordinator

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