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Recordists Needed

Ask the Lord of the harvest for a great influx of men and women from around the world to be trained as recordists, language researchers and recordist’s assistants. GRN will need to increase its training capacity in readiness to handle such a surge in people needing to be trained. Pray that many skilled and willing people will be called by God to GRN and sent and supported by their home churches.

Global Recordings Network - Beranda

Doa adalah bagian terpenting dari pelayanan GRN.

Bergabunglah dengan tim doa kami untuk menerima pokok doa seperti diatas ini melalui email dan/atau janji berdoa untuk pekerjaan GRN diseluruh dunia:

"Menceritakan kisah Yesus dalam setiap bahasa".

  • Prayer ThoughtsPrayer Thoughts - Read Colin Stott's (GRN's Global Prayer Coordinator) articles on some practical aspect of prayer.

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Mendpatkan kisah-kisah yang inspiratif, pokok doa dan cara untuk terlibat dalam menceritakan kisah Yesus dalam setiap bahasa

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