New and Recently Updated Recordings

New and Recently Updated Recordings

Halaman ini belum terdapat pada Bahasa Indonesia.

GRN recordists and our partners continue to record new material across the world.

Studio staff also work to restore, remaster and update many older recordings.

Here's a summary of how many programs have been newly released in the last year, or updated in the last 6 months, along with a count of how many languages these programs represent.

New Languages are those that have been recorded for the first time.

New programs in the last 12 monthsUpdated in the last 6 months
ProgramsLanguagesNew LanguagesProgramsLanguages

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Materi audio dan audio-visual - Beragam sumber daya yang sesuai secara budaya di lebih dari 6.000 bahasa, sangat cocok untuk komunikator lisan.