Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas Mexico

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Gospel Recordings was founded on the vision of a young missionary, Joy Ridderhof. Because of the impossibility to continue her work in Central America, she made her first recordings in Spanish in 1939.

This compassion for people who cannot access the gospel through the written word led her to discover that thousands of tribes and villages could not come to know the Lord because of the many language barriers that exist.

Since these beginnings, GRN has carried on the vision to take the Word of God to the ethnic groups of the world who cannot hear in any other way the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a clear and culturally accepted way: "To each in his own tongue".

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Monte Blanco #140, Col. M. Sabino Crespo, Oaxaca C.P. 68040, Mexico

Telepon 01 951 518 5740


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