Follow Up (part 2)

Grandes lignes: Obey God and pray. Read the Bible and let God speak to you through the Bible. Avoid bad things and bad people. We are in a spiritual battle with Satan.

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Thème:Obedience; Spiritual Warfare; Spiritual Growth; Word of God (the Bible); Armor of God
Audience:New Christian
Genre:Bible Stories & Teac
Citation biblique:Extensive

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Corps du texte

The Lord always hears our prayers and will answer you if you are truly (following) walking with Him. If He gives what you asked for, be sure to thank Him. If He says "no," thank Him as well, because He has a good reason for refusing you, even if you don't understand it. If He lets you wait, trust Him. When the answer comes it will be something far better.

Don't just pray without taking time to read God's Word. He speaks to you through the Bible, and everything He says is true. That is why you must (should) learn to read it. Here are some suggestions: Select a certain time of day for your reading, such as first thing in the morning, and before you start, ask God to show you by His Spirit what He wants to say to you. Read thoughtfully, and when you are through ask yourself some questions: "What have I learned about God or Jesus Christ?" "Is there some example which I should follow, or refuse to follow?" - "A command to obey, or a promise to believe?" Take your prayer time after this, and it will be enriched, and your conversation with the Lord will be more real. Through obedience to God's Word and through prayer you will grow spiritually and your Christian life will progress.

God created everything beautiful and good. Satan came to spoil everything. Pushed by him, the first man disobeyed God, and that was the first link of a chain, in a long series of disobediences. Jesus came to break this chain. Those who walk with Him learn to say to God, "Not what I want, but what You want," and they are carried along in the path of obedience. Jesus Himself never once resisted the will of God. He is our greatest example of perfect obedience. Study His life and follow it.

There are things which help or hinder our walk with the Lord. When Christians get together they can encourage one another. We should not get involved with people who could have a bad influence on us. Looking at the wrong pictures and books can affect our thoughts and imaginations, and spoil our fellowship with the Lord.

It is good to fill your mind with Christian literature. Jesus said, "Whatsoever things are good . . . think on these things." Train your mind to keep out that which does not help you in your Christian walk. The Holy Spirit will help you in this. If at any time you are tempted, and do something wrong, ask God to forgive you immediately and He will do it. Only then will your joy return.

To walk with Jesus means to prepare for a battle. Satan is real, and Jesus calls him the adversary, the enemy. From the beginning he and his army have been against God, and all who follow Him. The day you accepted Jesus you changed camps. Satan will not leave you alone and will multiply his attacks, trying to get you back. Although you are out of Satan's camp, you still live in a world where Satan is its prince. You are on enemy-occupied territory. This explains why evil increases, why so many things make us suffer, why violence reigns everywhere, and why there are wars. Therefore, be vigilant. Satan never sleeps or takes holidays, but neither does Jesus, and He is with you all the time. In all your difficulties, whatever happens, you can trust in Him, and live without fear.

Satan continues to tempt us, but in James 3:7 we are exhorted to resist the devil and he will flee from us. Use against him the same weapon that Jesus did - the Word of God. When he hears the word, "It is written," Satan withdraws.

For the fight, armor is necessary. Check yours every day. Eph. 6:14-17 describes it for us. (Read if time.)