All or Nothing

Grandes lignes: Jesus is stronger than Satan and the evil spirits. Trust Jesus only.

Numéro de texte:379
Thème:Witchcraft, paganism; No other gods, idols; Victory; Forgiveness; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Syncretism; Power of God / Jesus
Genre:Messages and Fiction
Citation biblique:Extensive

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Corps du texte

1 Greetings, younger brother.

2 Greetings.

1 I've arrived tired. I walked all day to reach your village.

2 Sit down, sit down. We're very glad that you've come.

1 Brother, how are your wife and children?

2 They're fine, but I'm not well. Since you were here last I haven't got any better. I've been to see the doctor; he tested me but couldn't find anything. If I see the witchdoctor, maybe I will get better.

1 Brother, when we follow Jesus Christ we must turn away from trusting in idols and witchdoctors. We must trust in Jesus Christ only.

2 But Satan and evil spirits have strong power. What to do?

1 Yes, Satan and evil spirits have strong power, but the power of Jesus Christ is much stronger. Brother, listen while I tell you what Jesus Christ has done for us. From the beginning Satan and evil spirits have been the enemies of Jesus Christ. You know that Jesus Christ died on the cross, that He was buried and that after 3 days He rose again. At that time, Jesus Christ won a great victory over Satan and all evil spirits. You can have the strength and power that Jesus Christ gives.

2 How can I know the strength and power of Jesus Christ in my life?

1 Brother, there is only one way. You must trust Jesus Christ only. If you truly believe, you will not have any idols. You must not go to them, or to the witchdoctor, or to the spirits for help. If you are afraid of the power of Satan and evil spirits, remember that Jesus Christ does not have fear. Call upon Him. He died on the cross for you. You do not have to be afraid because He loves you. Jesus Christ has greater power than the evil spirits. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you must not be afraid. You must pray to Him. If you ask Him He will give you the strength to do right. When you do not pray and obey the words of Christ, God is displeased. You will not have the power to refuse Satan and his ways. Satan will defeat you. You need to obey God and receive His help. Pray very much. Pray about everything. Read the Bible and obey the words of Jesus Christ, and He will give you power to trust Him.

2 You have spoken right, brother. I have not been praying (and reading my Bible). This is why I have been afraid of Satan's power. I feel like God is far away.

1 Yes, brother, when you do not pray you become afraid of evil spirits. When you do not pray and obey Jesus Christ's words, He is grieved. If you do not obey Him, you will not know His victory and power in your life. This is why it seems that God is far away from you.

2 I know I have disobeyed Jesus Christ. I want to do what is right. What should I do?

1 In the Bible it is written, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Jesus Christ received the punishment for your sins when He died on the cross. He shed His blood for you. If you will confess your sins to Him, He will forgive you.

2 I will pray now, brother. "Dear Jesus Christ, I have turned away from following You. I have trusted in idols and witchdoctors. This has grieved You. I'm sorry. I will throw away all my idols. I will not go to witchdoctors. From today onward I will trust in You only and try to do only what is pleasing to You. Thank You for loving and forgiving me. Amen."

1 You must understand, brother, that difficult times will come to you. Even though it is a difficult time, you must praise God that He is faithful. In the Bible it is written, "All things work together for good to them that love God." God has a good purpose in whatever happens to us. His purpose is that we become more and more like Jesus Christ. This pleases God. So, when difficult times come, turn to God for help and trust in Him only. He will help you.

2 Thank you, brother, for sharing these things with me. I will share them with my family. I have been sick and I know He is able to heal me. Whatever is best for me, I believe God will do that. I will pray to Jesus Christ and obey His words. I will teach these things to my family, too.

I John 1:9; Rom. 8:28