Summary of Romans 1-8 (Part 4)

Grandes lignes: Power to Live Right. Summarizes Romans 8 and gives short invitation.

Numéro de texte:315
Thème:Fruit of the Spirit; New Nature; Holy Spirit; Victory; Forgiveness; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Shame
Audience:Animist; New Christian; Christian
Genre:Bible Stories & Teac
Citation biblique:Paraphrase

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This is side four. (Pause for two seconds on the tape).
In chapter eight (in part eight of this letter) we learn how Jesus sets us free from sin. He sets us free by the power of the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) Who lives in our hearts (inside us). He says that in the power of the Holy Spirit He has set us free from the power of sin. Think of the white man's plane. Why doesn't it fall down from the sky? Because it has an engine. But what makes the engine work? Petrol in the tank! But suppose some dirt blocks that petrol? What will happen? The engine will die and the plane will fall down. When we received Jesus as our Master, He gave us a new heart. The new heart is like an engine. God gave us a new heart so that we can love Him. The Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) is God's petrol. When we trust Jesus, the Holy Spirit keeps us from falling. But if we let some sin which we know about in our lives stay there, we grieve the Holy Spirit. We lose His power in our lives. We fall down and do not live straight. We must confess our sin to God, and ask Jesus to forgive us. He will lift us up and establish a good relationship with us again. We will be strong again to bear good fruit for God. The fruit of God's Spirit is: joy, peace, being kind, and speaking the truth.

Paul tells us that when we trust Jesus, God becomes our Father. We are His children. God has adopted us into His family. One day He will take us to His place in heaven. There we will see what God has prepared for His people. It will be more wonderful than we can even imagine (think about). But on this earth God has told us to expect hard times. Everything that we experience in life will not be easy. There will be times of trouble. Some Christians will go through famines and others will experience war times. Some Christians will know sickness and pain. There will be others who will suffer persecution from unbelieving people. God has promised to be with us in these hard times. God is able to make good come out of difficult times. The Holy Spirit will teach us to pray in each situation. He will teach us more about the Lord Jesus. The Lord will always lead (guide) us. He cares for us very much. When we follow Christ we cannot lose. No hard times will separate us from God Who loves us. We know His kindness to us in (through) the Lord Jesus. Our God will never leave us or forsake us.

This is the teaching that God has for Christians everywhere. Let us be wise men and do what God tells us. If you have not come to Jesus with your sins, come now! Don't wait! Don't let Satan hold you back! Make Jesus your Master today. Let us receive His words and obey them. Let us seek to please God every day. Then we shall not be ashamed to meet Him when He comes back again.