Jesus, The Sin Bearer

Grandes lignes: Answers the question= "How can one man bear the sins of another?" Christ alone could because He had no sin of His own to bear. Invitation.

Numéro de texte:122
Thème:Jesus, Our Substitute; Death of Christ; Sin, disobedience
Citation biblique:Extensive

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Corps du texte

The Bible says Jesus died on the cross to bear the sins of mankind. But often my Muslim friends ask me, "How can one man bear the sins of another? We Muslims believe every man must bear his own sin." Oh, that is very true. No ordinary man can bear the sins of another, but Jesus is not an ordinary man. He is not even an ordinary prophet. He is very special. "Hey, how can this be?" my friends ask me. Let me tell a little story to explain. Let us say I am walking down the road carrying a heavy load on my back. Along comes an old man swaying under a very heavy load which he is carrying. I feel sorry for him and I want to help him, but I can't. Why? Because I am carrying my own load. Everyone else along the road is carrying his own burden also, so that no one can help the old man. But if someone comes along who isn't carrying his own load, he is free to help the old man. The meaning of the heavy loads is that every person carries a burden of sin. We all have sin so that none of us can bear the sins of another. But there is one Man - and only One - Who does not have His own load of sin to carry. The Bible says that "He (Jesus) was guilty of no sin; neither was deceit ever found in His lips." (I Pet. 2:22) This is the Man Who can bear our load of sin for us if we allow Him to do it. Each of the prophets has confessed his own sinfulness but Jesus Christ, never! Only concerning Jesus did God ever say "He was guilty of no sin."

Look there on Calvary. We see that three men are hanging on three crosses. The judge has sentenced three men to die. Two of them are wicked thieves who deserve to die. One - His name is Jesus - never once committed sin. Listen to the crowd of people shouting abuse at Christ. Even one of the wicked men on a cross shouts abuse at him. But listen to the thief hanging on the other side speaking to Jesus, "Lord, remember me when You enter into Your kingdom." Jesus answered him, "This very day you will be with Me in Paradise." Jesus was willing to die to bear the thief's sin. He died to bear your sin and mine. Will you believe in Him, as the thief on the cross did? If you believe, He will lift off your load of sin. God will forgive you of your sins and take you to heaven when you die. Confess your need to Him. He waits to help you.