How to Walk Jesus' Way (modified)

Grandes lignes: On Christian attitudes and behavior. Refuse evil; love Jesus supremely; love others and be kind. Allow God's Spirit to control and keep from anger, jealousy, etc. Don't fear evil spirits, but trust God; pray daily; live honestly, etc. Jesus helps us.

Numéro de texte:061
Thème:Evil Spirits, demons; Fruit of the Spirit; Prayer, petition; Spiritual Growth; Leaving old way, begin new way; Family, relationships
Audience:New Christian
Genre:Messages and Fiction
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Corps du texte

1. When we turn from our sins and believe in Jesus, what will He do for us?

2. He leads us in a new way. He suffered very greatly on the cross, so that we would go in this good way. For this reason, when we follow Jesus, our lives must be pure. We must refuse the evil things of our old ways. We must not do the things that Jesus does not like us to do.

1. What does Jesus want us to do?

2. Because Jesus loves us so much, we should love Him with all our hearts. He wants us to also show love to others. Even if someone treats us badly, let us be kind to them.

1. How can we do this?

2. We can do this when we let the love of God rule in our hearts. It is truly the way of Jesus because we know that Jesus gave His life for us even when we were sinners. He loved us even when we were His enemies.

1. How can we have strength to walk in this good way?

2. When we are truly walking in Jesus' way, God's Spirit lives in our hearts. Our bodies are His house. If we let Him control us, He will help us not to be angry or proud or jealous. But instead of these evil things, God's Spirit can fill our hearts with love, kindness, and gentleness. God is our Father and His Word teaches us to walk this good way, He says to us, "Fear Not."

1. Do you not fear the spirits?

2. We do not need to fear even the evil spirits because God is stronger than all the evil spirits. We must trust God. He likes us to pray to Him often, every day. We may talk to Him as we talk to a friend. We cannot see Him, but He sees and hears us. We may pray when we are working or walking the trails. We may pray any time.

1. Can we tell everyone this way of Jesus?

2. Yes. As we walk this good way, trusting in Jesus, we must show everyone this way. We must teach our family and friends. We must show our children the right way to God. We must learn all we can from God's Book. We must be thankful always for all things, because God is caring for us. We thank Him for our food before we eat, We like to give to those who teach us God's Word. In this manner we can show our thanks to God. We must be ready to help others who have need. We must be honest, never lying, stealing, or dealing falsely. If we have stolen anything, we must return it or pay for it. If we sell anything, we must be careful to give full measure.

1. This Jesus way is good altogether.

2. Yes, and Jesus knows all those who truly walk His way, and He is the One Who helps them to walk it well.

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