Information à propos de Singapour

Area (sq km):622
FIPS Country Code:SN
ISO Country Code:SG
GRN Office:

Map of Singapour

Map of Singapour

Langues et dialectes parlés en Singapour

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Trouvé 8 noms de langues

Noms de langues Enregistrements disponibles
Anglais USA [United States of America] [eng]
Goudjrati [India, Daman and Diu] - ISO Language [guj]
Hockchia [Singapore] [mnp]
Malayalam [Kerala] - ISO Language [mal]
Malay, Baba [Singapore] - ISO Language [mbf]
Malay, Standard [Malaysia] [zsm]
Mandarin [China] - ISO Language [cmn]
Tamoul [Tamil Nadu] - ISO Language [tam]

Groupes de personnes en Singapour

Americans, U.S.; Anglo-Australian; Anglo-New Zealander; Arab, Egyptian; Batak, Toba; Bawean; Bazaar Low Malay Creole; Bengali; British; Bugis; Deaf; Eurasian; Filipino, Tagalog; Gujarati; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Han Chinese, Hainanese; Han Chinese, Hakka; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Han Chinese, Min Bei; Han Chinese, Min Dong; Han Chinese, Min Nan; Han Chinese, Puxian; Han Chinese, Teochew; Hindi; Hui, Muslim Chinese; Indian, English-Speaking; Indonesian; Japanese; Javanese; Jew, English Speaking; Kanarese; Korean; Kristang; Malay; Malayali; Malay, Riau; Malaysians, English-Speaking; Orang Seletar; Palembang; Punjabi; Sindhi; Sinhalese; Straits Chinese, Baba Creole; Tamil Hindu; Telugu; Thai, Central; Turk; Urdu;