South Africa Rural outreach & equipping program

South Africa Rural outreach & equipping program

(serving the local church)

Next trip is planned for: 9-18 October 2022

Anton and Zelda hope to visit Senekal, Clarens, Rosendal, Ficksburg and Ladybrand.


  • To establish a network with the local pastors, ministries, schools and old age homes whereby Global Recording material could be strategically placed and slowly introduced in new areas if proven useful.
  • To be informed about new needs, provide help where needed and to act as mentors for these groups.
  • To monitor accountability for the material been used by these people.


  • Meet with Pastor John and other local pastors to discuss the spiritual needs of their church and Sunday schools and to introduce the Look, Listen & Live series with its players and the Sunday school material.
  • We trust the Lord for an open door at the old age home in Senekal to see if they are in need of a Colin for Alzheimer's patients.
  • If possible, we would like to visit the crèches in Senekal to see if there is a spiritual need for Tumi the Tiger.


  • Meet with the Pastor of Dishabeng Church (Regions Beyond Ministry) to determine if they may benefit from using the Look, Listen & Live series as well as the Sunday school set.
  • Trust the Lord that he will bring us in contact with pastors in Fouriesburg and Ladybrand.
  • We want to visit the crèches and old age home in Clarens as well to determine the spiritual needs.


  • Meet with the pastor in the township to determine if they may benefit from using the Look, Listen & Live series and Sunday school material as well as a Tumi the Tiger in the church's crèche and at the same time introduce the rest of the Global Recording material such as the 5 Fish App.
  • Pastor asks for help at his crèche so my wife Zelda is going to spend some time with them and do some training.


  • Visit one of the churches in Ficksburg to introduce the material of Global Recordings Network.
  • Meet with a pastor in the township of Ficksburg to determine if he could use the Look, Listen & Live se and Sunday school material.


  • Meet with missionary to introduce the Look, Listen & Live series, 5fish as well as Tumi the Tiger.


  • Meet with a worker of Regions beyond Ministry in the township to discuss their spiritual and emotional needs and how the potential use of the Look, Listen & Live and Sunday school material may help them in their ministry.
  • Meet with missionaries in Ladybrand working with the Chinese and Taiwanese people to introduce the Look, Listen & Live series, Sunday school material and 5fish app.
  • Trust the Lord for open doors at the crèches in Ladybrand to determine if there is a need for Tumi the Tiger.
  • Visit the old age home to determine if there is a need for Colin for the Alzheimer's patients.

Total travel distance: 1000 km

Fuel: R1500

Budget food and accommodation: R1500

Logistics Total: R3000 (AU$260)

Materials we want to send with Anton and Zelda to keep handy

GRN Picture book sets, Sunday school manuals, mp3 players loaded with GRN programs and audiovisual commentaries.

  • African English: 3 sets
  • Sesotho 3 sets
  • Zulu 2 sets
  • Tumi x 2
  • Colin x 2
  • Four Friends trauma program x 6
  • Audio Bible players loaded with Bible-based teaching materials plus audio Scriptures.
  • General brochures
  • Tumi and Colin brochures

Total for materials: R19,256 (AU$1630)

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