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Blind school children with audiBibles - Capota School for the Blind, Masivingo, Zimbabwe
From the archives: GRN Volunteer Bert Roorbach trained Webster to service a handwind cassette player that carried the Bible-based teaching
Webster with a client, Mrs Mrs Nduna taking GRN materials for SDA Children's Ministry
Webster believes in GRN materials!
An evangelist leaving the CAVA offices with a GRN Bible-based teaching pack

August 2021 Update

Since Covid struck in 2020, we were unable to provide all the materials needed to for our field partners to equip all the places mentioned below.

With borders closed for long periods, and we need people to physically first take sufficient materials cross border, we have not been able to get all the materials CAVA needs, to equip leaders in all the places mentioned below either. Two of our main contacts at the printer have also been ill.)

We managed to get a donation from Bible-Media (3 boxes of materials) per truck through a contact to CAVA last year.

We are now working on an order with the printer to top up CAVA's stock of specifically the GRN picture books in different sizes.

We still need to print the following amount of books, which will enable CAVA to equip more students, leaders and individuals:

146 x A7 books for R2,417.76
117 x A5 books for R2,382.12
75 x LLL A3 books for R4,911.94
17 x GN A3 books for R1,531.74

TOTAL: R11,243.56 which comes to AU$1,031 (current rate)

Please continue to pray for this project and the small team of very faithful workers pressing on doing this very important work.

Original Project

We recently picked up contact again with Christine and Webster at the offices of Christian Audio-Visual Action in Harare, Zimbabwe.

CAVA lost much of its local support in recent years due to the declining economic situation in the country.

The need for audio Bibles in oral-learning communities and GRN's audiovisual Bible-based Bridge materials remains - now more than ever.

There is need for a little bit more stock, especially A3-size picture books in durable plastic carry bags and mp3-players loaded with the evangelism commentaries of the Good News and Look, Listen & Live teaching series and an audio Bible in the mother tongue.

CAVA has also asked our assistance to help with traveling costs, as they would like to visit different areas they have identified where GRN materials have been used, or are in need of materials. The highlighted areas below are high priority areas.

Minimal 2020 NBI Marketing Travel Budget

Marketing Area/PlaceCost in US$ EquivalentProposed Period/Date
2. BINGAUS$75.00OCTOBER 2020
3. BINDURAUS$35.00JUNE 2020
4. CHINHOYIUS$40.00JULY 2020
12. MUREWAUS$30.00APRIL 2020
14. MUTOKOUS$45.00MAY 2020

Christine writes: "The table above shows areas that Onias and Webster will be visiting. We are requesting that you pick out 3 or 4 places (from those highlighted in green) that Webster can also visit so that they present NBI and GRN material to the same audience.

At the moment, we have a few trained NBI scholars who are using the material.

We intend to reach out to the unreached as well. We may plan for a broader program for 2021.

"We have nearby areas that usually have very good attendance that we are proposing. These are Bindura, Mhondoro, Murehwa, Mutoko & Mt Darwin (for travel costs, see table above. The figures were for one person)

"Outcome from the 3-4 trips proposed above, will guide us on how best we can move forward.

"We will work with whatever you are able to donate and plan further for the future after seeing the results from the few areas proposed above."

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