unfoldingWord 46 - Saul Khristan Hoise

unfoldingWord 46 - Saul Khristan Hoise

Outline: Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-31; 11:19-26; 13-14

Script Number: 1246

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Jisu ke biswas nakora manu Saul koikena thakise. Jetia tai jawan thakise, teita tia utu manukhan laga kapor saithakise jun manu khan pora Stephen ke moraise. Pichete, tai biswasi khan bisi ke digdar dise. Aru Jerusalem te sob ghor-ghor-te ghusikena jobor-josti pora biswasi mota aru maiki sob ke dhurikena koidi ghor te rakhise. Titia maha purohit pora Saul ke Damascus taun te jabole monjur hoise. Aru tai ke jaikena ta-te biswasi manukhan kiman ase sob ke dhurikena Jerusalem te anibi koise.

Itu nimite Saul Damascus te jai thakise. Tai taun bhitor napunchia age-te, ekta ujala thaka pohor sob phine marise, aru tai mati te giri jaise. Tai ekta manu laga awaj ineka hunise: “Saul! Saul! Apuni amike kile iman dukh diase?” Saul jawab dise, “Malik, apuni kun ase?” Jisu tai ke jawab dise: “Ami Jisu ase. Apuni amike iman dukh di ase!”

Jetia Saul ta-te pora khara kurise, tai ekubi sabole naparia hoise. Tai laga sathikhan pora tai ke Damascus te loijaise. Tin din tok tai ekubi kha-a nai.

Damascus te ekta chela thakise, jun laga nam Ananias asile. Isor tai ke koise; “Saul kuntu ghorte ase ta-te jabi. Aru apuni laga hath tai uporte rakhibi ineka hoile tai arubi sabole paribo.” Hoilebi Ananias koise: “Malik ami itu manu pora biswasi manukhan ke bisi digdar dise koikena hunise.” Isor tai ke koise: “Jabi! Ami tai ke chani loise, aru tai pora ami laga nam Jehudi aru dusra jatikhan ke janaidibole. Tai ami laga nam nimite bisi dukh kuribo.”

Aru Ananias Saul logote jaise, tai laga hath Saul uporte rakhise aru koise: “Jisu, jun apuni iayte ahibole rasta te thaka homoite apuni laga age-te ahise, tai pora amike pathaise kilekoile apuni arubi sabole paribo aru Pobitro Aatma apuni ke ahibo.” Tetia Saul sabole parise aru Ananias tai ke baptisma kuridise. Itu pichete Saul kha-a-loa kurise aru takot paise.

Itu hoikena, Paul Damascus te jaikena Jehudi khan logote Jisu laga prochar kurise. Tai koise: “Jisu he Isor laga Chokora ase!” Itu hunikena Jehudi bisi asurit hoi jaise kilekoile Saul toh biswasi manukhan ke morabole jaithakise, aru itia tai he Jisu ke biswas kuri loise! Saul taikhan logote jhagara kurise. Aru taikhan ke Jisu he Masiha ase koise.

Bisi din pichete, Saul ke morai dibole kotha milabole nimite Jehudi khan eki logote joma hoise. Taikhan manu ke pathaikena tai ke moriadibole taun laga baharte rukhi thakise. Hoilebi Saul taikhan ki kuriase janijaise aru tailaga sathikhan pora tai ke utu jaga pora polabole dise. Ek rati taikhan Saul ke ekta tukuri te ghusaikena pathor laga bera pora namaise. Saul Damascus pora polaijaise aru Jisu laga kothakhan prochar kuri thakise.

Chelakhanke lok kuribole Saul Jerusalem te jaise, hoilebi taikhan taike bisi bhoi kurithakise. Tetia Barnabas koikena ekta biswasi manu ahise aru Saul ke chelakhan logote loijaise. Tai taikhan ke samjhai dise kineka Saul Damascus te, ekubi bhoe nakorikena Isor laga prochar kurise. Itu pichete, chelakhan Saul ke apnai loise.

Kunba biswasikhan junkhan digdar paikena Jerusalem pora polaise, Antioch te jaikena Jisu laga kotha prochar kurise. Antioch te Jehudi khan bisi komti thakise, aru poila bar nimite, taikhan biswasi manu hoise. Barnabas aru Saul Jisu laga kothakhan notun biswasikhan ke koidibole aru girja ke takot kuribole jaise. Itu Antioch te ase jun jagate biwasikhan ke poila “Khristan” koikena matise.

Ek din, Antioch te Khristan khan eku kha-a- loa nakorikena prathna kurithakise. Pobitro Aatma pora taikhan ke koise: “Barnabas aru Saul ke ami juntu kam kurabole ase itu kam nimite alag korikena rakhibi.” Aru Antioch laga girja te biswasikhan taikhan laga hath Barnabas aru Saul uporte rakhise. Aru tai duijon ke Jisu laga bhal khobor sob jagate koidibole jabo dise. Barnabas aru Saul manu-laga-dolkhan bisi thaka jagate jaise aru taikhan ke hikaidise aru bisi manu Jisu ke biswas kurise.

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