unfoldingWord 09 - Isor pora Mosa ke Matise

Outline: Exodus 1-4

Script Number: 1209

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Joseph morija pichete bi, tailaga ghormanukhan Egypt te thaki jaise. Taikhan laga khandankhan bisi sal tate thakise aru taikhan laga lora-soalikhan bisi hoise. Taikhanke Israel-jati manukhan ineka matise.

Bisi sal pichete, Israel-jati manukhan bisi hoijaise. Hoilebi itu homoe te Egypt laga manukhan Joseph pora taikhan ke modot kura sob pahori jaise. Israel jatikhan bisi hoija-a pora taikhan ke bisi bhoi kuri jaise. Itu nimite Egypt laga raja, jun utu homoe te raj kuri thakise, taikhan sob ke Egypt laga kini-lo-a-noukar banailoikena rakhi loise.

Egypt desh manukhan pora Israeljatikhan ke dangor ghorkhan banabole mistiri-kam aru dangor sahar bisi banabole dise. Aru taikhan ke bisi tan-tan kam kuribole dise aru olopbi morom nalagikena cholaise. Hoilebi Isor laga asis taikhan uporte thakise aru taikhan laga lora- soalikhan arubi bisi hoi thakise.

Israel-jatikhan laga lora-soalikhan bisi hoi jai ase koikena raja bujipaise. Itu nimite tai ekta khobor likhikena tailaga sipoikhan ke dise, aru Israel-jati laga notun jonom hoa chokorakhan sob ke moraidibi koise.

Ineka homoete, Israel-jati laga ekta maiki ekta chokora ke jonom kurise. Tai aru tailaga mota utu bacha ke bisi din lukaikena rakhise.

Jetia taikhan bacha ke lukaikena rakhibole napara hoijase, tetia taikhan tai ke panite naghusibole laga ekta tukuri banaise aru taike utu bhitor te rakhikena nodi kinarte thaka lamba-lamba ghas majote chari dise. Ki hobole ase itu janibo nimite tai laga didi olop dur te khara hoikena sob saithakise.

Raja laga chukuri pora utu tukuri dikhise. Jetia tukuri bhitor te bacha chokora thaka dikhise, raja laga chokori utu bacha ke tai nijor bacha banailoise. Aru tai Israel-jati laga ekta maiki ke utu bacha sabole nimite rakhi loise, utu maiki he utu bacha laga asol ama ase koikena tai najane. Jetia bacha olop dangor hoise utu maiki tai ke raja laga chukuri laga usorte loijaise, aru tai bacha laga nam Moses rakhidise.

Ek din jetia Moses dangor hoijaise, Egypt laga manu ekta pora Israel jati ekta manuke dukh dikena bisi mari thaka dikhise. Moses taikhan laga usorte jaise aru Israel-jati manuke bachabole kosis korise.

Kunbi najanibo bhabona korikena, Moses utu Egypt manuke moraidise aru tailaga mora gaoke balu bhitore lukaidise. Hoilebi Moses ki kurise kunba manu dikhi loise.

Jetia raja itu khobor hunibole paise, tai Moses ke moraidibole bisarise, hoilebi Moses ekta jongol te polai jaise. Raja laga sipoikhan taike bisaribole paranai.

Aru utu jongol jagate Egypt desh pora bisi dur te thakise, aru itu homoete Moses ekta bhera-palok laga kam kurise. Tai utu jaga laga ekta maiki ke shadi korise aru duita chokora paise.

Moses tai laga susur Jethro laga bhera-chaguli ke sa-a-loa kuri thakise. Ek-din tai ekta kata-ghas majote jui-julia nisina hoilebi utu ghaske julai nadea dikhise. Aru tai usorte sabole jaise. Jetia tai bisi usor jaise, Isor tai ke khota koise; ‘‘Moses, apuni laga chapal khulibi. Apuni ekta pobitro mati te khara kuriase.’’

Isor pora koise; ‘‘Ami laga manukhan bisi dukh kurithaka ami dikhise. Ami apuni ke Egypt laga raja usorte pathabo, tinihoile apuni amilaga manukhan ke tailaga desh pora ulaikena anibole paribo. Ami taikhanke Canaan desh dibo, juntu desh ami Abraham, Isak aru Jakob ke dibo koikena kosom khaisile.”

Moses pora hutise; ‘‘Judi taikhan amike biswas kura nai koile ami ki koribo?’ Isor koise; ‘‘‘Ami Ami Ase.’’ Itu taikhan ke kobi, ‘jun laga nam ‘Ami Ami Ase’ tai pora amike apunikhan logote pathaise.’ Aru taikhan ke kobi; ‘Ami Jehovah nije, jun he taikhan khandanlaga babakhan-laga Isor ase, jun Abraham, Isak aru Jakob laga Isor ase.’ Itu he hodae nimite ami laga nam ase.’ "

Moses raja usorte jabole bisi bhoi kuri thakise kilekoile tai aste-aste aru rukhi-rukhikena kotha koa manu hoa pora. Moses ke modot kuribole Isor pora tailaga bhai Aaron ke pathaise.

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