unfoldingWord 05 - Kosom Dia Laga Chokora

Outline: Genesis 16-22

Script Number: 1205

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Canaan te ahikena dos sal pichete bi, Abram aru Sarai ke bacha jonom hoanai. Sarai pora Abram ke koise; ‘‘Isor amike bacha jonom dibole napara banaidise aru itia ami bisi buri hoijaise. Apuni amilaga kini-loa-noukarni Hagar logote shadi koribi aru tai pora ami nimite ekta bacha jonom koribole dibo.’’

Aru Abram Hagar ke shadi korise. Hagar pora ekta chokora ke jonom dise. Aru bacha laga nam Ishmael rakhise. Hoilebi Sarai Hagar ke chuku-joli jaise. Jetia Ishmael teroh sal hoise tetia Isor arubi Abram ke kotha kurise.

Isor pora koise; ‘‘Ami Pormeswar ase. Ami apuni logote ekta kotha milabo.’’ Abram tai laga matha pora mati te chuise. Isor tai ke koise; ‘‘Apuni bisi desk laga khandanlaga baba hobo. Canaan desh hodae nimite apunilaga khandan laga hoijabo, aru ami hodae nimite taikhan laga Isor hobo. Apuni laga khandan te jiman motakhan ase sob laga chamara-kata kuribi .’’

‘‘Apuni laga maiki Sarai ekta chokora ke jonom dibo. Tai laga nam Isak rakhibi. Ami tai logote aru tailaga khandankhan logote hodae nimite ekta kotha milaikena rakhibo, aru tai ekta dangor desh hoijabo. Ami Ishmael ke bi bisi khandankhan hobole dibo, hoilebi ami ki kotha milabo ase apunilaga chokora Isak logote he hobo.’’ Isor pora Abram laga nam Abraham rakhise aru itu motlob ‘bisi deskhan laga khandankhan laga baba.’ Aru Sarai laga nam bi Sarah ‘rajkumari’ matise.

Utu din te he Abraham Isor laga kotha manikena tailaga chokora Ishmael aru ghorte jiman mota-manukhan ase aru jiman kini-loa-noukarkhan laga chokora ase, sob laga chamara-kata kurise. Ek sal pichete, Abraham jetia ek-sou sal aru Sarah nabai-sal asile, tetia Sarah pora Abraham laga chokora ke jonom dise. Isor pora koa nisena, Abraham tai laga chokora laga nam Isak rakhise.

Jetia Isak olop dangor hoise, Isor para Abraham laga biswas ke porikha korise aru ineka koise; ‘‘Apuni laga chokora Isak ke lobi, apunilaga khali ekta thaka chokora ke lobi aru tai ke loikena ami ke bolidan kuribi.’’ Arubi Abraham Isor laga kotha manise aru tai laga chokora ke bolidan kuribole taiari kurise.

Jetia Abraham aru Isaac eki logote bolidan kura jagate punchise, Isak tai laga baba ke hudise; ‘‘Baba! Amikhan logote jolabole khurikhan ase, hoilebi boli koribole nimite bhera-laga-bacha kote ase?’’ Abraham koise; ‘‘Ami laga chokora, bhera Isor pora dibole ase.’’

Jetia taikhan utu jagate punchise, Abraham tailaga chokora ke bandise aru tai ke bolidan kura laga jaga uporte rakhise. Tai Isak ke boli koribole dao uthaise, utu homoe te Isor pora koise; ‘‘Rukhibi! Utu chokora ke ekubi nakoribi aru taike jokhom nakoribi! Ami itia janise apuni amike bisi bhoi kure kilekoile apuni apuni laga khali ekta chokora thaka kebi amike dibole nimite rukha nai.’’

Utu jaga usorte Abraham pora ekta saguli jongolte tailaga singh phasikena dikhise. Isor pora Isak laga bodli te marikena puja koribole Abraham ke utu saguli dise. Aru Abraham bisi khusi hoise aru saguli ke bolidan kurise.

Tetia, Isor pora Abraham ke koise; ‘‘Apuni laga sob amike dibole rukha nai aru apuni laga nijor chokora kebi amike dibole nimite rukhia nae, itu nimite ami kosom khaikene koi ase akash te jiman tarakhan ase apunilaga khandankhan iman bisi hobole dibo. Apuni amilaga kotha mana nimite, ami prithibi te jiman khandan ase, taikhan sobke apuni laga khandan nimite asis dibo.’’

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