unfoldingWord 39 - Rorelna Hmaah Isua

Outline: Matthew 26:57-27:26; Mark 14:53-15:15; Luke 22:54-23:25; John 18:12-19:16

Script Number: 1239

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Zanlai a ni a. Sipaite chuan Isua chu puithiam lalber inah thu zawt fiah tûrin an hruai a. Petera chuan hla tak aṭangin a zui a. Isua chu inchhunga an hruai luh laiin Petera chu pawnah a lo awm a, meilum a lo ai a.

Inchhungah chuan Juda hruaitute chuan Isua chu thu an zawt a. Dawta hekin thuhretu der tam tak an siam a. Amaherawhchu, an hekna thute chu an inang lo va, chuvangin, Juda hruaitute chuan a thiltih sual an finfiah thei ta lova. Isua chuan engmah a sawi lo a ni.

A tawpah chuan, puithiam lalber chuan Isua chu a en a, “Min hrilh rawh, Messia, Pathian Fapa chu i ni em?” a ti a.

Isuan, “Ni e, Pathian ding lama ṭhu a, vân aṭanga lo kal min la hmu dawn a ni,” a ti a. Puithiam lalber chuan a silhfente a pawtthler a, “Hretu dang kan ngai tawh lo ve! Amah ngeiin Pathian Fapa a nih thu a sawi in hre tawh a. Engtinnge in ngaih?” a ti a.

Juda hruaitu zawng zawngte chuan puithiam lalber hnênah, “Thi tlak a ni,” an ti a. Tin, Isua hmai an tuam a, chil an chhak a, an hnek a, nuihza siamnan an hmang ta a.

Peteran pawn lama a lo nghah laiin, chhiahhlawh nula pakhat hian a lo hmu a, a hnênah, “Nang pawh Isua hnêna awm i nih kha!” a ti a. Petera chuan a pha a. A hnuah hmeichhe dangin chutiang bawk chaun a rawn ti leh a, Petera chuan a pha leh a. A tawpah, mite chuan, “Isua hnêna awm kha i ni tih kan hria e, Galili rama mi in ni ve ve si a,” an ti a.

Tin, Petera chuan, “Hemi hi ka hria a nih chuan Pathianin anchhia mi lawh rawh se,” tiin chhia a chham ta a. Âr a khuang ta nghal a, tin, Isua chu a hawi a, Petera chu a en a.

Petera chu a chhuak a, a ṭap ta zawih zawih a. Chutihlai chuan, phatsântu, Juda chuan Juda hruaituten Isua thi tura thiam loh an chantîr lai a lo hmu a. Juda chu lungngaihnain a lo khat ta a, a kal chhuak a, amah leh amah a intihlum ta a.

A tuk zing hma takah chuan, Juda hruaituten Isua chu Rom ram awptu Pilata hnênah an hruai a. Pilatan Isua chu thiam loh chantîrin tihhlum tûr thu a pek an beisei a ni. Pilatan Isua hnenah, “Judate lal i ni em?” tiin a zawt a.

Isuan, “I sawi ang chu a ni, nimahsela ka lalram chu he khawvela mi hi a ni lo. Ni sela chuan ka chhiahhlawh ten min hum tur. Pathian thutak hriattîr hi khawvela ka rawn kal chhan a ni. Tupawh thutaka mi apiangin ka thu an pawm ṭhin,” a ti a. Pilatan, “Thutak engnge ni?” a ti a.

Isua nen an inbiak zawh hnu chuan, Pilata chu mipuite hnênah a va chhuak a, an hnênah, “A sualna engmah ka hmu lo,” a ti a. Nimahsela, Juda hruaitute leh mipuite chuan “Khengbet rawh!” tiin an au va. Pilata chuan, “A sualna ka hmu lo,” tiin a chhang a. Nimahsela, an au nasa lehzual sauh va. Tin, Pilata chuan a vawi thumna atân, “A sualna ka hmu lo,” a ti a.

Pilata chuan mipuiten buaina an chawkchhuak ang tih a hlau a, tichuan, a sipaite chu Isua khenbehtîr a rêmti ta a. Rom sipaite chuan Isua chu an vua a, puan senduk an sintîr a, hling lukhum an khumtîr a. Tin, “En teh u, Judate Lal hi!” tiin nuihza siamnan an hmang a.

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