unfoldingWord 16 - Sansuoktuhai Chu

Outline: Judges 1-3; 6-8; 1 Samuel 1-10

Script Number: 1216

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Joshua thihnung chun Pathien an helsana, Kanan mi a la umhai chu an hnot suok naw a, Pathien dânhai an zawm ta bawk nawh. Pathien tak, Jehovah biek nêkin an pathienhai chu an biek ta lem a. Anni thruoitu dingin Israelhai chun lal an nei naw a, mi tinin thra an ti zawng sengin an thaw el a nih.

Hienga thu an awi naw a, an hel zing lei hin Israelhai chu an hmêlmahaiin an nuom ang anga an sawisak dingin Pathienin a hrem tawl ta a nih. Hmêlmahaiin Israelhai thil neihai chu an inrûk pêkin an suksietpêka, mitamtak khom an that a nih. Kum tamtak a liem hnung chun Israelhai chun an suol an sima sansuoktu dingin Pathien bawk an ko nawk a.

Chuongchun hmêlmahai laka sansuok dingin Pathienin sansuoktu ding le an rama muongna a um theina dingin rem a ruot pêk nawk a. Nisienlakhom mipuihai chun Pathien an theinghila, milem an biek nawk a. Chuonglei chun an kawl hnaia hmêlma, Midian mihai chu anni do ding le hne dingin Pathienin rem a ruot nawk a.

Midian mihai chun kum sari sûng chu Israelhai lo hmasuok popo le an thlaihai chu an lâkpêk vong a. Midian mihaiin an hmusuok an tri luot leiin pûk sûnga dâm an inbi a. A tawpa chun an ni sansuok dingin Pathien bawk an ko nawk a.

Nikhat chu, pasal pakhat Gideon an ti chun a buhai midian mihaiin an lâkpêk an lau leiin grep sawrna khura chun bu a lo vuok a. Pathien vântirko chu Gideon kuoma a hunga, a kuoma, “Nang mihrât huoisen, i kuoma Pathien a um. Fe la, Israel chu Midianhai laka va sansuok rawh,” a ta.

Gideon kuoma chun Pathienin a pa milem chu suk koi dingin a hril a. Gideon chun mihai chu a tri leiin zân chenin a nghâka. Chuongchun milem chu a suk koia, a keinawi nenga. Milem an siena hmun taka khan Pathien ta dingin maichâm a siem a, Pathien kuoma inthawina an hlâna.

A tûka chun mipuiin milem kha a koi nawi vong ti an hei hmu chun an lung a sen em em a. That dingin Gideon in a an fe a, Gideon a pa chun, “Ieng dinga in pathienhai chu thrangpui in tum am an leh? Pathien an ni leh anni le anni invênghim el naw ni hai am!” a ta. Chuongchun Gideon chu a sanhim ta a.

Chuphing le chun Israelhai thil inru pêk dingin Midian Mihai an hung nawk a. An tam em leiin tiemsêng khom an ni nawh. Gideon chu Israelhai chu anni do ding chun a ko khawm a. Israel sansuok dingin Pathien a hmang tum ngei a ni ti hrietna dingin inchikna pahni pe dingin Gideon chun Pathien a ngên a.

Pakhatna chu, hnuoi chungah Gideonin puon a pha a, hnuoi chunga ni lovin, puon chunga chun zêingkâr pha leh Pathienin zîngdaidaw lo intlâktir dingin a ngên a. Chuong ang tak chun Pathienin a thaw pêk a. A zân nawk chun puon chunga ni ta lovin hnuoia ni lem ta dingin Pathien a ngên a. Chuongang tak chun Pathienin a thaw nawk a.

Israel sipai 32,000 hai chu Gideon kuoma an hunga, nisienlakhom hi zât zât hi an tamtaluo Pathienin a ti a. Chuongchun, indona a thrang ngamlo, tri le inthin po mi 22,000 hai chu Gideonin a tir kîr ta a. Pathien bokin Gideon kuoma, mihai kha an la tam taluo rop el a ta. Gideon chun mi 300 ti bâk chu sipai dang popo chu intieng a tir kîr nawk vonga.

Chu zân chun Pathienin Gideon kuoma, “Midianhai riebûka zu fe thla la, an trongri I hriet pha chu tri ta naw ti nih” a ta. Chuongchun, chu zân chun Gideon chu Midianhai riebûka chun a zu fe a, Midian sipai pakhatin a ruolpa kuoma a zân mang a lo hril lai chu a zu hriet a, a ruolpa chun, “Hi mang umzie chu Gideonin Midian a hne ding tina a nih!” a ta. Gideon chun Pathien chibai a bûk ta a.

Chuphing chun Gideon chu a sipaihai kuoma chun a kîr nawka, sipai tin kuoma chun tawtawrawt le pilbêl ruok le meiser a pêk senga. Midian sipaihai riekna chu an inhuola, sipai 300 hai chun Midian sipaihai hmu theilo dingin bêla chun an meiserhai an thup senga.

Chuphing chun, a ruolin Gideon sipaihai chun meiser an thupna bêlhai chu an sukkoia, “Pathien le Gideon kawlhnâm” tiin an tawtawrawthai chu mûtin an khêk ta a.

Pathienin Midian mihai chu a sukbuoia, chuongchun anni le anni chu an inthawa, an inthattuo el ta a. Thawk khat lo chun Israel sipai danghai kha an inhaia inthokin an ko suoka Midian sipaihai chu an hnota. Mi tamtak an that bâka an rama inthok chun an hnot suok a. Chu ni chun Midian sipai chu 120,000 an that a. Pathienin Isarel chu a sansuok ta a.

Mipuihai chun an lal dingin Gideon chu siem an nuom ta a. Gideon chun vartakin an thil rawt chu a sêla, nisienla khom an hmêlmahai laka, poisa sum an lâk hai kha sem ve met seng dingin a ngên tawla. Gideon chun poisa sum tamtak a hmu a nih.

Chuphing chun Gideon chun thil invêt thlâktak a thaw ta a, kha poisa hmang khan milem a siema, mipuihai chu Pathiena inthok chun an pêt hmang nawk ta a. Gideonin milem a siem chu an biek nawk a. Pathien chun milemhai an biek nawkta lei chun Israelhai chu a hrem nawk ta a. An hmêlmahaiin an hung do hne nawk a. Pathien kuoma thrangpui an hung ngên a, chuongchun Pathienin sansuoktu dang a hung tir nawk a.

Hiengang thil hi hun tamtak le voitamtak el a tlung a: Israelhai chu an suola, Pathienin a hrem tawla, an sim nawka, Pathienin a sansuok nawk pei a. Kum tamtak el sûng khan hmêlma laka sansuok dingin Pathienin Israelhai kuoma sansuoktu tamtak a tir a.

A tawpa chun hnam danghaiin an nei ang nei ve dingin Israelhai chun Pathien kuoma lal an ngên ta a. Indona a khom thruoitheitu ding, insâng le hrât lal an dit ta a nih. Pathienin chuonganga hnina chu a ditnaw a, a na chu an thil dit chu a pêk ta thova.

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