unfoldingWord 18 - Chidja llambaty bowopyregi

unfoldingWord 18 - Chidja llambaty bowopyregi

Outline: 1 Kings 1-6; 11-12

Script Number: 1218

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Tãrã ruy wachabu, Dawid manoma, gobu dja tay Salomon ymachidjama Israelpe. Apã Wachu djawuma Salomondji, emi inama idjape, bue rõ idja puka djue. Salomon pukabu, tõ gatuwã, Apã Wachu ury gatuma idjadji, emi mema idjape ekõwã kbe’e bue kua gatuechegi duwe kbe’e wywydji kowe ywype. Salomon bue tãrã kua gatuma emi ymachidja ekõ tõ gatupe. Apã Wachu mema idjape bue tãrã rekowã emi.

Go Jerusalem tapy tãrãpe Salomon apã Dawid bue mĩ gatuwe emi bue tãrã noãwe prellambaty puarã. Gobu Salomon djapoma go prellambaty. Go nonga Israel pua wywy kmarãma Apã Wachu chã ruwa emi mema idjape we keĩmbyre prellambatype djapo endawepe noã llambatype. Apã Wachu wẽma bu prellambatype ekõwã, emi ĩwã dja irõndy wywy bychepe.

Salomon rõ prawo ury kudjã duwe rekuatywa. Go wendu gatullã Apã Wachu djawu, dja breko tãrã buchã reko buare. 1.000 kudjã rekoma! Tãrã go kudjã wywy bychepe ekõma duwetywa ekõandy wywy pua, eruma dja apã chã nonga wywy go pua, gobu wedjallã emi dja apã chã nongadji prewã. Chuepurãmbu, Salomon emi prema apã chã nonga duwetywagipe.

Gobu Apã Wachu prãndjãma Salomondji, emi pacho puy idjape, go wedja buare dja kuere. Dja djawu mema, Israel ekõandy bowowerã mirõ chidja llambatype, Salomon manombu.

Gobu Salomon manombu, dja tay Roboam ymachidjama. Go rõ kbe’e tõ gatullãngi. Israel pua wywy noãma, idjape mĩwã ymachidjagi. Djaka chidja Roboamdji, go Salomon idjape bita puy wachu mondowe wywy, emi pukawe buta tãrã mewã.

Roboam tõ gatullãpe gogi wywype djawu pepyma: “Pendje djã djawu ko, cho apã Salomon pendjepe bita puy wachu rekowe? Cho rõ pendjepe bita puy wachuechewerã, idja pendjepe bitawe nonga; cho emi pendjepe pacho puyechewerã, idja pendjepe pachowe nonga.”

Gobu etakrãtapa Israel irõndy ekõandy pua byllãma Roboamdji. Mirõ irõndy ekõandy pua rõ ĩ wyche idjadji. Go mirõ irõndydji wẽma go Juda chidja llambaty.

Go duwe etakrãtapa Israel irõndy ekõandy pua, go Roboamdji byllãwegi, mĩma duwe kbe’epe ymachidjawã, go bykuapyre rõ Jeroboam. Gogi wywy rekoma dja chidja llambaty go ywy Israel krey wẽ llu rekuaty, emi pukapyre Israel chidja llambaty.

Jeroboam mudjã djuellã Apã Wachudji, emi bue mĩma Israel puagi wywy bue buchã djapowã. Djapoma mirõ apã chã nonga, Israel puagi wywy kmarãwã apã nonga chã ruwa, kmarã endawepe Apã Wachudji go chidja llambaty Juda prellambatype.

Go Juda chidja llambaty emi Israel chidja llambaty edji byllãma reko, emi tãrãma tõ mumbu edji.

Go Israel chidja llambaty poupe go ymachidjagi wywy djembi buchã wywy. Tãrã ymachidjagi go pua bropyre duwe Israel pua wywy rupi, go ĩ djuedjiwa ymachidjagi go endawepe.

Go ymachidjagi wywy emi tãrã Israel chidja llambaty pua pre reko apã chã nongadji. Apã chã nongadji kmarãmbu, gope meno reko edji, gobu emi mema dja tay apã chã nongape keĩmbyrã.

Go Juda ymachidjagi wywy rõ Dawid irõndy wywy. Tãrãllã go pua kbe’e praru gatugi, ymachidjama tõ gatupe, emi mudjã gatuma Apã Wachudji. Tãrã Juda ymachidjagi rõ bue buchã djapoty, ka djawu gatu buã’ã pichadji, emi kmarã apã chã nongadji. Tãrãllã go pua mema emi dja tay apã chã nongape keĩmbyrã. Tãrã ache Juda pua byllãmbama Apã Wachupe, emi prema apã chã nongadji.

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